Friend Pressure Decisions Can Have Devastating Effects In a Essay

Friend Pressure Decisions Can Have Devastating Effects

In a ballad titled “The Two Roads,” by Whitney Welch, the storyteller tells the group of onlookers how surrendering to peer weight and following the group is unmistakably the wrong activity: “My basic slip-up following the group./Ignoring the heart that talks so boisterous./The decisions you make can transform you./One will bring satisfaction, the different brings conflict./Following the group won’t lead you to right./If you pursue your heart, you will be guided by light” (302).

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Friend Pressure Decisions Can Have Devastating Effects In a Essay
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In this lyric Whitney is endeavoring to tell adolescents that they should pursue what they know is correct. When individuals surrender to peer weight its like they are re strolling down a dull back road, simply tuning in to other individuals and not notwithstanding asking themselves, Does that seem like the correct activity? In the event that individuals don’t surrender to peer weight, at that point it appears as though they are strolling down a road loaded with light.

They can see everything without being guided. Likewise, individuals do what their companions instruct them to in light of the fact that they believe they have to substantiate themselves which, incidentally, exhibits that they don’t trust in themselves. Individuals need to believe themselves before they trust another person. In the book Monster, by Walter Dean Myers, peer weight made a young kid carry out a genuine wrongdoing. Steve, the hero, lived in an awful neighborhood, which uncovered him hazardous individuals. In spite of his folks’ endeavors to raise him legitimately, he began spending time with hooligans and in the long run ended up amidst a comfort store burglary that brought about the storekeeper’s passing. The impact of Steve’s folks was insufficient to spare Steve from surrendering to the companion weight applied by his companions.

On the off chance that Steve had an alternate gathering of companions, he presumably would not have been presented to such a significant number of troublesome circumstances. His dad thinks that its difficult to trust that Steve could have ever connected with the sort of individuals who needed to victimize a drugstore. As the novel unfurls, Steve’s dad supports him into discovering who he truly is. Steve understood this when he wrote in his diary, “My dad is never again certain about my identity. He doesn’t comprehend me notwithstanding realizing individuals like King or Bobo or Osvaldo” (281). Indeed, even Steve does not comprehend why he knew these individuals. This, combined with the way that his dad thinks that its difficult to trust that his child hung out individuals who were basically offenders eventually drives Steve to develop his scan for his actual personality.

As time passed, Steve was in the end constrained into being a piece of a getover or theft. James King, the instigator and neighborhood hooligan, told Steve, “All we need is a post. You know, look at the spot ensure ain’t no identifications copping some z’s in the back. You down for it? So what it is” (151)? This case of friend weight is the thing that in the long run leads Steve not far off to detainment. Lord was the person who demanded Steve to be a piece of this burglary and who was likewise the person who murdered the proprietor of the drugstore. He was an extreme person that individuals in the area dreaded, and just by saying what he did constrained Steve into taking an interest in the wrongdoing. However, in the event that Steve had enough fearlessness to have questioned, none of this would have occurred.

In any case, Steve felt he needed to substantiate himself to the others in the area. He was sixteen years of age and he believed he should have been known in such a way people, that would not disturb him. Unfortunately, if Steve had trust in himself, he would not have felt along these lines. Obviously, now and again we have a feeling that we need to substantiate ourselves; in any case, while doing as such we have to consider how far we are happy to go and what the results are. In like manner, Osvaldo, a colleague of Steve’s who likewise dreaded James King, was most likely the fundamental reason Steve felt along these lines. Osvaldo cautioned Steve by saying, “He don’t have no way out. He disturb me and the Diablos will consume him. Ain’t that correct faggot? I can kick your thin butt any day in the week” (81).

Strangely, Steve was guided, maybe even influenced by his attorney, Mrs. O’Brien, into lying on the stand. Amid the preliminary, O’Brien addressed Steve, asking him, “Did you know James King?

“Steve replied, ‘No.’ O’Brien turns the container down. Steve answers once more, ‘Better believe it.’ Casually, O’Brien turns the glass up”(218). O’Brien was doing that when she turned the container down that implied what Steve had addressed was bad; when the glass was turned up, that implied he addressed fittingly. In as sense, at that point, Mrs. O’Brien encouraged Steve to lie. In the event that she had instructed him to come clean, perhaps he would have. At the point when Steve had addressed no, there was a question mark on the end meaning he was unsure of what to state. All he required was to be guided the correct way. In each part of his life, Steve was getting constrained from everybody. When one is questionable of good and bad, at that point that individual should decide before giving others a chance to convince him to accomplish something he would prefer not to do. An individual ought to dependably do what he feels is correct, or, even better, what he knows is correct.

Sadly, Steve’s folks’ impact over Steve was not more noteworthy than the weight expedited by his friends. In “The Two Roads,” the speaker demonstrates to us how peer weight over and over again prompts a slip-up. Moreover, Steve surrendered to peer weight by following the wrong group. What number of us have surrendered to peer weight by following the group just to understand that it is the wrong activity? Eventually, it relies upon what kinds of individuals are in our group. In the event that Steve had tuned in to the general population who were empowering him, he would not have confronted life in jail. There is a short or long way to everything, which implies there is a simpler and harder way for us to pursue. The choices we make presently will influence us over the long haul, or sometime down the road, much the same as they accomplished for Steve . Before settling on a choice we ought to dependably consider our answer and make this inquiry: “Are we going to lament this later on throughout everyday life?” If our answer was no then we ought to most likely run with that choice since we are the ones that must live with our decisions. It will dependably be smarter to make the right decision than to do what another person needs. For Steve’s, the fantasy he needed to survive his movies nearly turned into a living bad dream.

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