FreedomAn Unborn Child?Freedom An Unborn ChildIntroduction‘Freedom’ Essay


“An Unborn Child”


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FreedomAn Unborn Child?Freedom An Unborn ChildIntroduction‘Freedom’ Essay
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Freedom: “An Unborn Child”


‘Freedom’ it’s not just a word that’s written on paper but it itself a whole different world that everyone thrives for to live in it. Where it’s like ‘Eutopia’; everyone dreams for it in real life to really exist but in reality it doesn’t exist. Where everybody should get the same privilege as it showed to the showcase in our country basing on different perspectives but reality is a bit different combining all the contexts and situations we have today.

Along with all the aspects socially, religiously, psychologically our views along with the liberal thoughts is more important to bring justice, freedom, stability, liberal practice for eradicating the social taboos, as well as a proper reinforcement to the obstacles we have in our perspective and establishing a state where a balance must be maintained in between the obstacles we have and the prosperity we achieved; only then it can be stated as ‘Individual Freedom’ from the best possible way.

Freedom & Individual Freedom

Basically the core meaning what we are actually bearing in our society is not the same as the justified meaning of ‘Freedom’. And this also resides in between of the contradictions what we really are and what are our purposes behind all of the conditions those are relatively adjusting according to our present condition. In terms of ‘Individual Freedom’ what we actually believe in; those matters are the most clarified aspects along with the perceptions, conceptions, traditions that we are practicing. The right or power of an individual to express, act, think, speak, develop as per the minimum agenda on which anyone can deliver or practice their minimum rights can be stated as ‘Freedom’ as well as ‘Individual Freedom’.

But there is a big difference as per the broadest definitions those we follow as per the notions and the prevailing conceptions those we practice in our country. As a Bangladeshi knowing the basics of the ‘Freedom’ and thus to practice in the society is tough sometime as per the values we bear in ourselves and practice from generation to generation. It sounds bit different but it is the truth that we all are seeing from time to time but we are not restricting or doing anything against it because of our mindset. And there comes the most important and significant chapter in our open book ‘Liberty’, ’Liberalism’ concepts; of these we all are well-known but there is a vast gap in between of knowing all these and practicing those, persuading others as well as ourselves to regain the premises that we never achieved fruitfully.

We all are giving away ourselves in the wave of ‘Modernization’ but actually we are stuck in the ‘Traditional’ aspects. And these two words have the most gigantic leap of trust as well as the misconception in it. What is the value of being modern only physically; when our mind set still holds the conventional approach.

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