Fractional Representation and Its Methodology Essay

There are a great many different ideas and thoughts found in the world of art. In some instances, art draws from sources not routinely associated with art. Such is the case with fractional representation. This is a style of art popularized by the Egyptians that combines spatial images of the same object to create an image. Somewhat rooted in geometry, a common example of this type of art would be the painting of a God whose face was in profile but the eyes are in a frontal position.

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Fractional Representation and Its Methodology Essay
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There is also a great deal of religious symbolism found in this genre of art. In many instances, this type of art is employed to create replications of religious figures. One such example of this can be visible in the wall painting of a ship crossing a river. (http://www. 1destination. com/egypt/images/barque. jpg) In the imagery of this painting, men, gods, and the queen are visible traveling on their boat.

The strange spatial imagery gives it a somewhat unearth like feel. In a way, it comes to life but appears to be a vision into another dimension.

This is a tremendous visual element, but it also has a profound effect on spiritual sensory aspects. No one can see into the otherworld. This is why the imagery in Egyptian art is so very special. It creates an otherworldly appearance. This has a mesmerizing psychological effect on those who view it. Because it seems like such a realistic vision into another dimension, it provides additional re-enforcement on a subconscious level of belief in the gods. Also, the presence of royalty in the picture would have the effect of subconsciously equating Egyptian royalty with the gods.

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