Four Fields of Anthropology Essay

There are four main fields of anthropology: biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics. Anthropologists tend to specialize in one of the four main fields but must be familiar with the other fields because they are all closely related to one another. First, biological anthropology deals with the study of humans as living organisms. In other words, people on this field might study human growth, anatomy, human ancestors, and genetics. Second is cultural anthropology.

This field studies the thoughts and emotions of individuals and society as a whole.

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Four Fields of Anthropology Essay
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It looks at culture and tries to understand how it came to be in certain areas. It looks at how cultures differ from one another and why something can be offensive in one culture and completely normal in another. The third field is archaeology and deals with the remains of anything that has to do with humans. Anthropologists in this field locate and recover materials such as ancient weapons, ceramics, and anything else that might be of importance.

Human, plant, and animal remains are also recovered and analyzed in order to more fully understand societies of the past. As technology becomes more advanced the use of technology in the field is becoming more common. The goal in recovery artifacts is to keep everything in perfect condition. The final field is linguistics and deals with human language. Language can tell you a lot about a culture and linguistic anthropologists hope to analyze and interpret ancient and modern language to better understand the world.

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