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Discuss your understanding of Week #9’s online learning material along with Week #9’s guest speaking engagement with Superintendent Michael Colwell of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

You are encouraged to address the terms Deterrence; Incapacitation; Retribution; Rehabilitation, and Restorative Justice.  Review the links provided in the Reading, Viewing, Listening folder found in Week #9’s Course Documents links.

Additionally, our guest speaker Superintendent Colwell discussed areas that pertain to the Education and Rehabilitation Programs.  He also elaborated on the difference between the Jail and the House of Correction administered by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department in Boston.

Some questions to consider exploring include, but are not limited to:

a.  Do you believe the risk of a jail or prison sentence is a strong deterrence?  Why or why not?  What are some limitations you identified?

b.  How do Education and Rehabilitation Programs in correctional facilities benefit the inmate?  Do they benefit society as well?  Why or why not?

c.  What did you find most interesting about Superintendent Michael Colwell`s guest lecture/topics of discussion?

If you were not in attendance for the guest speaking event, then you are directed to research Superintendent Colwell’s background online and report your findings in the discussion board.  You may also write on the topics of discussion found in the PowerPoint Lecture Material in Week #9‘s folders.

Originality is strongly encouraged; that is, rely less on quoting or paraphrashing textbooks and internet sources; contribute your own thoughts and inferences.  Refer to the assigned chapters in the Fagin text; the contents found in the Reading, Viewing, Listening folder; and the PowerPoint presentations in Week #9’s folders for guidance.

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