Forever ChapeI choose the chapters Meaning of life and The Value Essay

Forever Chape

I choose the chapters “Meaning of life” and “The Value of Philosophy” to be the main chapters that I study this year because this two chapters made me think completely different about certain things of life and how to deal with these life problems that are brought to all the people. For those reasons that I just explained I also choose the documentary “Forever Chape” to be part of this assignment because this documentary shows how horrible the tragedy that happened in 2016 when the air plane with 100 people fell and killed 71 people and how the survivors are fighting to keep playing soccer and how thankful they are to be alive.

The chapter “Meaning of life” that was written by Susan Wolf was very important to me to understand that the interpretation of what is meaningful or not is all about the person, because to some people be skinny(either because of statically or health) has a meaning and to some people that is not their goal( to be healthy is to be skinny because most of the time it is not necessary to be skinny to be healthy) and these people do not think to achieve their goal is necessary to be skinny.

One example that Susan Wolf gave is the failed civil rights activist some people might think that someone who spends his/her life devoted to fighting for equality among persons has lived a meaningful life even if that person fails to bring about equality in the world. (p688)

The other chapter “The value of Philosophy” is the chapter that talks about the “Practical Man” and this chapter helped me to understand how the great majority of the people that live on Planet Earth feels and think. I realized that most of the people think that they only need material things like food for the body, and do not realize they need to provide food for the mind to be able to create critical thinking. Specifically, the “practical” man reminds me that philosophy is not to find definite answers, but the act of questioning. (p.13) And this made me think about what I was doing and made me start to search about things beyond that and “open my brain” to new adventures and new contents.

Now talking about the documentary, I choose the movie/documentary “Forever Chape” film that we watched in class that shows how was the rebuilt of the team named Chapecoense after a tragic plane crash that killed not only 19 players but also killed staff members and the pilots, totaling 71 people that died. The documentary shows the rebuilt of a soccer team, and the rebuilt of an entire city that is passionate about soccer. But the real reason that I have picked this documentary is all about the people that survived and how they recovered and are still recovering with the help of all around the world and most help from the citizens of the small Chapeco. The documentary starts showing how the players were meaningful to all Chape fans, and how the athletes rewarded it, whether it was talking to people on the street or visiting nursing homes, for example because all this love and support of the team with the citizens of the small Chapeco create a connection with team that are helping Chapecoense to succeed, overcome the difficulties of being a small club, and then, if rebuild after such a serious accident.

As I said what really made me talk about this documentary beyond being a Brazilian guy, is the one of the individuals that suffered the tragic accident and survived Alan Ruschel, the guy who already came back playing soccer after only 8 months after the plane crash and he says that after the accident what made him find purpose in response of what happened is that his strength comes from within, from the soul. Wolf says that our need for meaningful lives center on questions of whether life is worth living has any point or provides enough reason to go on(page 688), and this guy Ruschel proves her point because for him he could just let the accident be used as an excuse to isolate from the world, but he did totally different because hi found that his life still is worth to live and he also says that God gave him a second chance to live and even more. That it gave him a chance to do what he loves most, which is to play football again. When he left the hospital, he said that he wanted to honor the families of the people who went the best way possible. He also says that one way to do this is to go back to doing what the other players unfortunately ended up dying doing, which is playing football.

To conclude the chapter “The Value of Philosophy” as I said made me realize that life is not just food for the body but is necessary food for the mind, because imagine what would have happened with the survivors of the plane crash if they did not have an open mind, a critical thinking and knew that everything happens for a reason, they would be depressive and maybe trying to put an excuse on everything and do not do anything just because they were in a plane crash, but instead they are fighting to recover and be back to do what they love, unfortunately one of the survivors had to take a part of his leg off and will not play professional soccer again(Jackson Follman, Goalkeeper), but as I said life is more than just soccer, he is grateful because he is alive and that is the most precious think everybody will ever have, the chance of wake up every day.

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