Foreign Affairs

In your professional position in the future, you have been asked to prepare a Staff Report with analysis and recommendations regarding three to five of the most significant current international relations challenges regarding war and strife and transnational issues in one region of the world. The Report will be reviewed by high level U.S. foreign policy decision makers. The quality of the Report will impact your future career advancement. The Report should include a description of key changes from previous eras, reasons for the changes and the philosophical and theoretical approaches to managing the challenges. Your recommendations for managing the challenges must be specific and based in the readings and coursework, including your Foreign Policy Research paper, from Introduction to World Politics. One of the key decision makers reviewing your report is very familiar with the articles assigned for this course and expects to see references to the articles. The Report must be written in your own words and not rely on quotations. A Works Cited page should be included for references to the articles. Length: The Staff Report should not exceed five pages or approximately 1800 words

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Foreign Affairs
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