Fixed Income Investments Project

(3)Calculate the Expected and the Actual Capital Gains Yield (CGY), the
Current (Coupon) Yield (CY), and the Total Yield (TY) for each security during 2013 and 2014. Also find the presentYield-to-Maturity for each security.

(4) Examine and print the screens of the above chosen securities and collect all of the data that you need to use for your project including measures of Risk, Duration, Convexity and Yield Spreads.

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Fixed Income Investments Project
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(5) Use the Bloomberg Terminal to select your Corporate Bond out of the list
of customizedMultinational Companies as Follows: Do it question 5 however you want. Because you don’t have Bloomberg terminal so you can use other options for this question.

a. Select one Corporate Bond (remaining maturity of 10 years or more) of a
Multinational Company from EQUITY SCREENING — EQS<GO>Screen
for companies that meet acustomized set of Criteria (Bloomberg).

b. Then go to the Comparable Bond Analysis Bloomberg screen and
obtain for your Bond a Comparable Bond Analysis – Determine the relative
richness/cheapness of your customizable corporate bond.

c. Next go to Fixed Income Credit Monitor screen – See where your
spreads have tightened or widened
d. Then use the above collected data and screens (dealing with Yield
Spreads andrichness/cheapness), to evaluate and explain the differences
among your securities.

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