First Reflective Journal of My First Clinical Experience Essay

This journal reflects my first clinical experience at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. The experience has made me re-examine and analyze a lot about my path towards reaching my goal and becoming an RN. I felt that being able to touch and feel the working environment is extremely important for a future nurse and indeed for any health care provider. Real life experience is so important in learning.

At first I was nervous, not yet to say scared but I found my self curious to know what the clinical setting would be like, how it would feel caring for someone unfamiliar.

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First Reflective Journal of My First Clinical Experience Essay
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My nervousness quickly disappeared . I was touched and inspired to see how caring my ” buddy mate” was to the residents of Wascana Rehab. There was no one who seemed strange to her, she shared her love equally with everyone. She cared for them like they were all special to her. I was so amazed to see how much a for a stranger.

She made each and every resident feels like she was there for them to and not just doing her job. I then realized that no one can be strange if we see them with a human eye and welcome them with an open heart and loving manner, respecting them for who they are. In my childhood I heard about a godmother coming to the world, spreading her love to everyone and making differences in people’s life. Oh yes, I now know I can be that person who can make differences in people’s lives.

What is next—-In my next clinical session i m hoping to apply everything that I learned on The first day and will try my best to further explore what can I learn to help me to build a strong foundation for my future dream career as a nurse.

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