Finding online advertisements that use one of appeals

Assignment 1—Advertising Appeals: (how does advertisement get you to do something or “appeal to you to get you to buy”Advertising appeals are designed to stimulate a consumer need or want that will ultimately become an exchange.Common advertising appeals include health, fear, admiration, convenience, fun and pleasure, vanity, and social consciousness.


Find two examples of online advertisements that use one of these appeals, (you can search product websites, YouTube, and/or Facebook. For each ad, identify the advertising appeal and explain how that appeal is appropriate given the target market.These are at the very least two to three pages in length. (this applies to all Professional Writing assignments – there are three of them throughout the course)Please be sure to include the online link(s) for your ads; you work cannot be graded without the online links; be sure the links are working before you submit your work.

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