Financial Statement &  Ratio Assignment     

Company: NetFlix

The ratio you will use: Current ratio, Debt Equity ratio, Return on Equity

3 Pages at least with excel ratio calculations and financial attachments. 

 No Plagiarism. due in 36 hours

Financial Statement &  Ratio Assignment                                            

Obtain a copy of the financial statements for a publicly-traded company. Select three of the ratios presented in class or from Financial   Statement Analysis and show the calculations for your selected company. CALCULATE   FOR AT LEAST THE LAST TWO YEARS. ONE   OF THE    YEARS   MUST BE DURING THE YEAR ENDED IN 2019.

Financial Statement &  Ratio Assignment      1

Remember, ratios are most relevant when compared to a companies’ own historical,   industry or competitors trends. For the above calculations, what story   do they tell? Provide an explanation for each of the three ratios presented.    The assignment will be at least three pages, not more than four pages.

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