Finance strategy project

Executive Summary.

Product or Service Profile. A description of product characteristics, product development, the estimated product life cycle, and long term product strategy.

Product/Service feasibility.


Our Proposal

RBC York student GPA-package

In order to encourage and motivate York students to study, work, and plan for better future careers, also due to the lack of the co-operation with utsc management faculty. We, as an RBC product/service developer consulate team, have launched a brand new super package for York students —- RBC York students GPA-package.

All of York full-time undergraduate students are eligible to open this account, with the benefit of free unlimited transactions offered.

Our products mainly consist of three parts.

  1. GPA GIC: The annual rate of return of GIC is based on the actual number of seasonal GPA, within the range of 1.6 – 4.0, (a 1.6 seasonal GPA will get a 1.6% rate of return for the currently finished term, the rate varies once your seasonal GPA changes). This product will not be effective until graduate.
  2. Student loan. The loan interest rate varies based on the student’s CGPA at the time graduate. UTSC full-time undergraduate students are eligible to have student loan starting from 5,000 to 20,000 per year. After graduating, students have up to 12 months before you are required to repay any of the principles you have borrowed. We are going to set up a fixed payment schedule according to the annual salary at the time.
  3. GPA based property mortgage.

If the York students are willing to buy a condo/house within 24 months after graduate, the fixed mortgage rate will be based on following intervals.

CGPA at graduated Mortgage Rate (5-year fixed)
1.6-2.0 3.25
2.0-2.4 3.0
2.4-2.8 2.75
2.8-3.2 2.5
3.2-3.6 2.25
3.6-4.0 2.0

This product/service will benefit both York students and RBC sides.Students have incentives to study, and future working plan.It is better for RBC to have a large customer base and develop potential benefits, and co-operate with York management faculty, and build a better reputation in North York youth community as well.




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