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ABSTRACT:Now-a-days, the arrival of data technology has covered the things to turn out data system. Many of the organizations these days have shifted to machine-controlled data system whereas others are still active the standard manual-based system keeps records. Organization of churches and parishes has got to have data system to keep up records and store it during information. Church management system is the system for AG-church of Thanjavur. The Authorities of the church will use this system for the better performance of the work.

This system will provide the online facilities for the members of the church and also for the Administrator.EXISTING:Traditionally, manual or paper based systems have been an experience and method of maintaining documents in an organization, for many years. The proponents are concerned with this transaction processing and information system which is applied and used in an organization. The management has to check the availability from the register manually. After getting the availability status the user has to fill up the membership and other forms manually.

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finalpaper Essay
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The management then checks the validity of the forms and after checking it books the item against the respective request. The facts about the item is saved in a temporary register. When the user submits the complete imperative document, the management enters the details of the request in the foremost register of item details. Currently each member has a file on which crucial records or data about a member or management is stored in. Apart from this the member records or data is additionally written on papers and in booklets which are then saved in shelves. Other files such as transfer sheet, report forms and registration types are also saved in files and stored in shelves. Therefore the institution has several troubles with their report keeping. Since their records can be destroyed at whenever by way of natural environmental dangers or conditions which comes from nowhere. It then motives the church to lose a massive quantity of resources and required greater administration staffs.Problem StatementThe trouble definition for the machine is to launching the on-line device for the AG-church of Thanjavur. The whole church procedure is carried out in a guide order. Since it’s a manual system it has the drawbacks such as time consumption, inefficient resource utilization. Some of the drawbacks of the current system are:The members have to collect the membership and other forms by hand from the church premises. This consumes a valuable amount of time of the management.An unmanageable tangle of papers within the office. Wasted clerical effort searching for information. Loss of important operating information. Extravagant use of high cost office space and equipment. Loss of valuable historical records through destruction or neglect. Difficulties in finding members and management information when needed. A lot of time is spent in the generation of reports since they are using the old system.A lot of time is spent in collecting data about members and management.PROPOSED SYSTEM:It propose to design the Online Web Application for maintain the Church Management System for generating various reports based on the administrator choice. The paper or manual is reduced and computerized. From earlier system the members have to keep in touch with the management about the availability of the items. The proposed system is a web based online system. The user can apply online from any place and also at any time. The main base of the proposed system is the database, which keeps all the information about the availability status of the church. Based on this information the user can easily get the availability status at any time without coming to the church premises. The software also allows user to fill up the membership form and submit it online which will save a lot of user’s valuable time. Along with the availability status the database also keeps the information of the Issue details and the transaction details against the respective request .This database also keeps the information of user’s personal details, based on which the management can check the validity of the user and it’s request. Based on all the above information the management can efficiently respond all the user queries.The main activities will be performed by the system are.Online submission of the membership form by the members. Automation of the procedure performed by the management.Report generation. Fig.1.Church Home Fig.1.1.Income Registration formCONCLUSIONIn conclusion, the Church Management System will serve as a repository of all records and services. It enables the parish to react, respond, cater, store, retrieve, disseminate and control information.REFERENCE^ “Software manages while pastors minister.”. Church Central. 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