Final Strategic Essay

According to Mental Health in America (MHA), in 2018 about 44 million people experienced a diagnosable mental illness. Out of this number about 41% of these people were adults who received a mental health services. The main reasons some people did not receive care was due to inability to pay for their care, some thought they could handle the issues by themselves (it will pass), and others did not know where to go to receive a proper diagnoses or care. Mental illness can affect anyone no matter their age, race or economical background.

Mental illness has become the leading cause of disabilities among people ages 15-44.Monroe Behavioral Health Systems is a community service agency that operates to support people in the Newark, NJ/ Essex County to help in diagnosing and treating mental health issues among adults and children. Monroe Behavioral Health Systems is dedicated to being the best provider of a community based mental health services. Monroe is funded through Medicaid, Medicare, private insurances and self-pay services.

MISSION:Our mission is to support individuals as well as their families through the journey of mental wellness and recovery by providing a detailed behavioral health services in the community.VISION:Our vision in the next year is to provide excellent care that empowers each individual and their families to enhance their quality of life through mental wellness.Organizational OverviewMonroe Behavioral Health System was established in 2018. The main goal for this organization is to deliver a safe, effective and evidenced based behavioral healthcare to the community on Essex County, specifically Newark, NJ. MBHS believes that with a constant quality health provision, we will flourish as an excellent behavioral healthcare provider. Monroe has identified strategies, goals and objectives for improving and maintaining the quality as well as access of public mental health services within the state to enable the organization to sustain the type of provisions our patient population needs.Since MBHS is in a predominately low-income community, our challenge is to develop and implement more effective and cost-efficient care to meet the needs of individuals in the community with mental health illness. This strategic plan is an outline for Monroe Behavioral Health to grow, and we know that it will be an essential element that can guide us to great excellence. Key IssuesISSUES RATIONALELimited public relations activities Promote awareness to all residents in Essex County about Monroe’s Behavioral Health Systems, our mission, services we offer, patient’s access to these services and the assistances those services can provide.Limited funding to support the expansion of services Provide leadership in the development of effective person-centered behavioral healthcare services within financial, regulatory, and contractual constraints when no acceptable alternatives are available.Inability to recruit qualified staff. Develop, implement, and maintain programs that will address consumer, family, community and staff education and training needs that will attract prospective staff.Situational AnalysisSTRENGTH & WEAKNESS ANALYSIS (SWOT)Our StrengthComprehensive service careGuarantee Mental recovery environmentExperienced staff, and resourceful agencyA focus on maximization of resourcesEvidenced Based PracticesBuilding a positive communityOn site Benefit Liaison assistancePeer support groupsOur WeaknessDifficult in staff recruitmentsLack of InvestmentTechnology limitations Limited public relations activitiesLimited funding to support the expansion of servicesLack of increase in external provider networks (onsite psychiatric services)Our OpportunitiesExpand use of technology in inform decision makingCollaborate with nearby community healthcare providersPublic education and awareness on behavioral healthCollaborate with primary care physiciansExpand peer delivery servicesStaff education (detailed orientations, leadership development within the agency)Partnership with criminal justice system (county jails and courts)Our ThreatsIncrease in demand for services and new initiatives with limited resourcesStaff burnouts ( daily exposure to violence)Refusal of inpatient psychiatric hospitals to accept admissionsCounty requiring Specialty Mental Health Services and SupportsRequirements for additional education for all staffInability to recruit qualified staff.External Environmental AnalysisCOMMUNITY EDUCATIONMonroe Behavioral Health System will join with the law enforcement partners to train on mental illnesses, trauma informed care, and intervention techniques.Monroe Behavioral Health System will contribute in the community’s combined efforts to ensure mental health needs are addressed as part of the community planning. Monroe Behavioral Health System will continue its anti-stigma efforts.Monroe Behavioral Health System will offer prolonged groups that are open to the community to the extent funding permits us to do.STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND RETENTIONMonroe Behavioral Health will continue to commit to providing the essential training and mentorship to retain an innovative and empowered staff.Monroe Behavioral Health will implement a new electronic health record, and assure optimization of available technologies to promote effectiveness and efficiencies.Monroe Behavioral Health will offer flexibility in staff schedules to balance work and home whenever possible.Monroe Behavioral Health will ensure competitive salary and benefits for all staff.Internal Environmental AnalysisIMPROVE ACCESS TO SERVICESMonroe Behavioral Health will develop an internal access departmentMBHS will increase the population number we service.MBHS will complete 90% of assessments for service within 2 days of consumer’s request.MBHS will reduce the number of denials after a full assessments is done by 5% with the new access department in place. 90% of consumers will report a positive experience with the access systemIMPROVE PATIENTS HEALTH OUTCOMEMBHS will create a wide-ranging system for measuring, collecting and reporting on health outcomes data for individuals.MBHS will show improved consumer health outcomes as evidenced by 90% of patients having an identified primary care physician.MBHS case management team and peer staff will be trained in mental health coaching MBHS will organize for physical health services to be provided onsite for all patients.Directional StrategiesMonroe’s Organizational team will make sure that proper monitoring is put in place to allow the progress of this approach. Management will lead the organization by continually researching evidence based practices on mental health improvements, they will motivate change within the organization by providing trainings among staff and healthcare workers within the agency.Organization Strategies & RecommendationsMonroe Behavioral Health System’s is a growing organization because it’s a need in the community they are serving. The market for this mental health organization is very essential to families and individual that are facing this crisis. Patients with mental health issues require immediate help to prevent the worst from happening, the uniqueness about this facility is that we have a 24hours 7 days a week direct provision and assistance for all patients, including house calls if necessary.MBHS will provide education to the community related to behavioral health conditions, we will give patients different available treatments that will suit them outside of our facility. MBHS will also deliver community sponsors for individual to further promote recovery in their mental wellness.Monroe Behavioral Health will continue to review our marketing strategies, tools and look for ways to include additional information regarding the importance of mental health through education and training programs in the community via newspapers, billboards, radio, social media and most importantly promotional testimonials from our consumers. CompetitionMental healthcare provision services were mainly funded by the government, but today service provision has moved towards private pay, whereby individuals have to pay out of pocket, or they must have private insurance to pay for their care. As a result facilities like Monroe Behavioral Health System has to find other avenues to meet community demands in funding for care whether among insurers, referred hospitals and primary care physicians. Care provision and payments are now largely determined by how mental health services are produced, and at what price they are produced.Cost of care plays a major importance in someone seeking care for mental health issues because people tend to view the illness as something that can be cured by itself without any intervention, so they’ll not be willing to pay for any care. Hospitals are the major competition for Monroe because they provide charity care for patients who are not able to pay for the services. MBHS currently does not have the funds to provide free services for patients, but the plan for the agency is to institute financial payment plan for patients that will need support in paying for their care.Organization Success MeasuresService:To exceed customer expectations at every turn, to establishing MBHS as the preferred provider of choice in Essex County NJ. Increase access to behavioral healthcare care.Advocate with local provider of public transportation for increased public bus-stops specifically closer to the Monroe Facility.Performance Measured by:Total number of clients provided transportation to agency, Assess all clients on the same day they request services, Expand use of tele-psychiatry within individual areas, and total admissions monthly.Staff:To recruit, develop, and retain a competent, professional, culturally diverse, motivated and productive workforce. Utilize creative and competitive recruitment processes to ensure key positions are filled at all times.Performance Measured by:Key Positions filled at all timesNumber of vacanciesNumber of internships at agency annually On-Boarding Evaluation equals or exceeds 80%. Scores will increase by 10% each fiscal year until maximum score of 95% is reached.Percentage of staff completing the leadership development program.Percentage of staff moved into leadership positions.Finance: To demonstrate fiscal responsibility and accountability to advance our mission. Maximize center revenues and control expenses.Performance Measured by:Agency will end fiscal year with a positive fund balance.Increase amount of revenue generated via claim specialist.Self-pay collections will increase by 2% for agency.Utilize bonus policy to reward and recognize excellence for all staff. Growth:To pursue new and better ways of serving our customers. Identify ways to utilize technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of behavioral health services and implement them.Performance Measured by:Result of Annual IT Needs AssessmentTotal number of new Evidence Based Practice implemented annuallyTotal number of trainings offered annuallyCommunity:To enhance partnerships with local and regional organizations and agencies to effectively meet the needs of the community and to increase the public’s awareness of mental health issues, mental health treatment and access to treatment. Educate the public about mental health issues, mental health treatment and access to treatment.Performance Measured by:Number of events, presentations, collaborative meetings held annuallyAnnual Report Community growth and concernsStrategic Plan annual renewal.Contingency PlansIn the case where Monroe Behavioral Health System doesn’t survive due to finances, regulatory issues or service delivery issues, we believe the best thing for the agency to do is to associate our practice with a hospital by considering a buy-out. The hospital can dissipate patients care in their established facility and provide any necessary needs to all patients. Our hope is that our staff will be able to be incorporated into the hospital staff, through their high qualifications. Further plans for the facility will be is to expand or change our care by adding a rehabilitation center, substance abuse services, as well as a home care services. This will bring in more services and increase our outlook on other provisions we can offer in the community. In conclusion, MBHS goal is to provide a safe and effective care with evidenced based practice, for all clients with mental health issues. Our focus is to use this strategic plan to improve and maintain quality of care, and to also increase access of care to the community of Newark, NJ. This plan will allow us to grow in the community, improve our staff commitment to the agency and increase our collaborations with other healthcare facilities in Essex County. This plan will guide us to greater excellence in the implementation of our new services as well as our new outreach programs. Our plan will be the foundation for our vision in the next year and will provide the structure to help us align and prioritize for effective goals.

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