Final Proposal(1) Essay

Project Proposal and Template

Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal Due: Jan 30 2019 (Week 3) 11:00 AM

Project Weight: 5%

To be handed In: Via D2L 1 Per Group

Be sure to have read Marketing Research Project: Overview

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Final Proposal(1) Essay
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At the proposal stage: You are concerned with ‘does their appear to be an opportunity’ before you

proceed further. This assignment represents the foundation of your entire project.

Likely you’l l want to choose a company you are somewhat familiar with, and consider recommendations

for entering a new market .

Now because you are presently in Canada, you will likely chose a company

that might consider coming to Canada, as it will be much easier for you to do market research here in

Canada where you are presently located.

This assignment will require justified by high quality secondary research properly cited. At least 10 sources

is required and at least 20 citations. (likely you’ll use far more)

I also expect a list of the secondary sources you have used to help you.

Remember the importance of

citing work tha t you used. (note just a list of references at the end is insufficient, you need to show

what information is sourced from where – end notes for example are much better than a long list of

sources without specific reference to where you got it.).

1. Consult “Notes on General Research” best practices which is posted

2. Font size greater than 12 is generally not acceptable.

Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal and Template

1. What Company have you chosen to investigate?

We have chosen, Taj Hotel Resorts and Palaces which is recognized as Asia’s magnifi cent hotel company.

Taj Hotel has more than 60 hotels in almost 45 locations across India. This hotel chain was established

In 1903 which was considered as one of the oldest luxury hotel in the region. It is famous for its lavish

tradition of hospitality a nd architectural structures.

2. SWOT Part 1:

What are the company’s Strengths and Weaknesses as they operate curr ently?

You must provide a source and citations for every factual point you make here

Strengths (Current Operations) Weaknesses (Current Operations)

Globally recognized brand High Capital Investment

Celebrity status Environmental Hazard from waste

Innovative strategies Affordable by only rich people

Retains good amount of customer s Adaption of technological changes is time


Indian heritage Lack marketing skills


What Political Economic, Social or Technological Trends in Canada may affect

the firm’s entry or success in Canada? (provide citations for each)

Political Economic

Low level of corruption Global growth

Taxation policies GDP rate

Democratic country Labour employment

Founding member of UN Per capita disposable incom e

International political influences

Social Technological

Indian heritage Advance technological systems

Urban and Rural culture


Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal and Template

4. SWOT Part 2:

What Opportunities or Threats do you think there are in C anada for them?

(You must provide a source and citations for every factual point you make here)

Opportunities (in Canada) Threats (in Canada)

Growing demand of h ealthy and organic food Different government rules and regulations

Diversified culture Increase in global competition

Increase in tourism Political disturbances

Increase in opportunities for outsourcing services Seasonal Influences

Growing nu mber of International Immigrants

Advanced technology

5. Potential Customers:

What are some pote ntial target markets for the company in Canada? (a target

market is a market segment (group of people) who share some characteristics

that make sal es to this group more likely to occur)

Possible Market Segments: Why are they a potential target market?

1. ASI AN CANADIANS Since the theme of the food that the brand is

famous for is Asian


Taj hotel is a preferred destination for a

com fortable and luxuri ous s tay which most tourist

look for .

3. UPPER CL ASS PEOPLE Upper Cla ss people ha ve a big spending capacity

which makes them a potenti al c ustomer

4. CELEBRITIES Since the Hotel Bra nd is a symbol of prestige the

celebrities w ould prefer our hotel

5. BU SINESSMAN AND EXECUTIVE Hotel provides a perfect ambi ence for the

Business confer ences and meetings.

Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal and Template

Describe each Market Segment









How is



Benefits derived



17.7% of th e

total Canadian



Columbia ,


Alb reta

54% of t he

popula tion in

Canada eat

outside once a


On occasions,




Travelers And


15.1 Million

(USA), 72.5

Million (R est of

the world)

Ontari o, British

Columbia and

Quebec are

mostly v isited.

Exp loring


Sta y, Leisure

and relaxation



Upper Class


Top 10% of


have income

over $800,400.

45 to 55age


Ontari o,


67.1 % of

upper cl ass

peo ple are



which effect

their spending



luxury serv ices ,

parties ,



delight ,




Celebrities Around 700


Ontario ,

Mont real ,

Vancouver .

Work and



act ivity, big

event s.

Luxury, status



and executive

12 ,59 ,81 2



Ontario ,

Quebec , British

Columbia .



Business deals,

contracts and


prospective .

Privacy ,


satisfaction .

Pro vide refer ences for the factual information you acquire for each group.

Project Proposal and Template

6. Competitors:

Who are the firm’s greatest competitors in Canada (direct or indirect)

Direct Competitor Strengths Weaknesses


Customer services

Partnership with fore ign


Negative equity

Bad press

Shanghri -la

Innovative concept

The highest skyscraper of Europe

Very new hotel

Hotel has no spa

The ritz cartlon

High quality No specific promo plans

Indirect competitors may not be in the same business, but provide a similar

enough benefit that they may draw customers away.

Indirect Competitor Strengths Weaknesses

Local restaurants

Good location

Fresh food

Limited seating

High operating costs


Good quality

Profitabl e organization

High prices

Only known for coffee


Less investments Lack of safety

Lack of rooms

Marketing Research Project

Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal and Template

7. Competitive Differences?

How is the firm’s product or services different from its potential Canadian

Competi tors? (use data to support your answer)

“Due to the attractive location and traditional architectur e it gain more stunning responsible from the

foreign au dience. Because of these key elements it gains an iconic status of the most iconic hotel. Taj is

the only hotel which has its own aerated wat er p lant, laundry, electroplanting and brushing machine for

its silver ware ” which derived Taj hotel different from any other competitors in Canada .

Given the market segments you’ve selected, are the differences sufficien t to

draw them away from Can adian Competitors – if they exist? (Do the

differences matter to the target market?) (use data to support your answer)

It is derived th at hygiene and privacy ar e the most common problems faced by the Canadian customers

when the y visit hotel .

8. Gap Analysis

Do you see things that potential customers want, that competitors are not

offering that the firm you already provides?

Yes, there are some customers who are fond of variet y of spices and flavo rs. Taj hotel gives a taste of

prestige in a modern culture . It is one of the ancient hotels with best and most experience in hospitality

services and provides customer delight.

Do you have sufficient information to make a speculativ e customer preference

analysis and competitive posi tioning chart to show your gap analysis?

Yes , we do have a c ustomer preference analys is.

What are the most critical factors to determining if the firm will have success

in Canada?

The most critical factors to determine whether Taj Hotels, Palaces and Re sorts will achieve success in

future or not is that we can notice that the number of international immigrants are increasing, we also

experience diversified culture here. Apart from this, it is also a recognized brand and it is a part of Indian

heritage as well.

Project Proposal and Template

9. Decision Statement

Put in one concise sentence, what your research objective is for this


To understan d if Taj Hotel Resorts and Palaces will be successful in the Canadian Market or not .

10. Additional Information

W hat additional informat ion would be useful that you were not able to find

yet to help you make your recommendation?

Technological factors aff ecting our business were not easily available for which would be really helpful

when making the recommen dation for the success of ou r com pany .

Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal and Template

Group Leadership

Group Leader Prachi Shah

Meeting Times 11 :00 to 11:15


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Project Proposal and Template

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Marketing Research Project

Project Proposal and Template

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What Company have you chosen to investigate? /5 Marks

SWOT Part 1: /10 Marks

PEST /10 Marks

SWOT Part 2: /10 Marks

Potential Customers: /15 Marks

Project Proposal and Template

Competitors: /15 Marks

Competitive Differences? /10 Marks

Gap Analysis /10 Marks

Decision Statement /5 Marks

Additional Information /10 Marks

/100 Marks To tal

Grading Notes:

Plagiarism may result in a mark of zero, and may be reported to the registrar’s office. Marks

may be de ducted for poor editing, or other issues that affect the quality of the report Note:

75% means expectations were met.

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