Final 1 Essay

I am applying to UAE University to seek a Network Engineering in the Department of Information Technology. I am excited by the prospect of performing research and broadening my knowledge of Network Information Technology, and I believe I would make an excellent doctoral candidate. Professor Telugu Manohar and I have discussed the Ph.D. program, and he has given so much information that is helpful for choosing the research topic.

I am passionate about Network Technology, Routers, Secure data transmission, and Shortest path for data packets, and have worked with Routing software, Data transmission, and related technologies since 2009.

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Final 1 Essay
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After completing a double major for my B. Tech in Computer science and Engineering, I began doing basic data transmission analysis through the Network path which is select by the user. While performing, there more complicated analysis and data manipulation. I put together an integrated minor with a concentration in network and shortest path analysis for my master’s degree in computer science at JNTU University, where my research involved the network which is used in a multi-way like the nodes can choose their path their own analysis and the nodes can predict the shortest path before proceeding into the transmission.

During that time, I completed multiple, graduate-level courses in programming languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, ORACLE, DBMS and Basic java. and spent a great deal of time doing self-directed research into Network and methods of data Transmission, particularly using with different Algorithms. In 2010, I was selected to serve as a Student Assistant, which paid my way to the National User Conference, where I presented research on Ethical Hacking and won second place in the Conference of the National competition.

My research interests include Internet of Things, security, privacy-preserving, PageRank, k-means, RSA, multi-signature, blockchain and the use of open-source software tools in devising more efficient methods for the security and privacy conserving by combining differentiated nodes, precision clustering, RSA, multi-signature, and blockchain.My prior academic background has focused on Information security in networks and security for the computer systems, where I maintain an active interest. I am particularly interested in researching new methods to calculate the node rank value in the Internet of Things, the number of nodes’ links is taken as the weight of nodes based on PageRank. This method increases the node rank values’ difference between nodes. Accurate clustering determines the initial central nodes of k-means based on the differentiated node rank values, which effectively differentiates the active and inactive nodes in the Internet of Things and achieve different levels of protection. We cypher and sign the transmitted knowledge with RSA, helping receivers to verify data. Data are transmitted safely through the blockchain. Successful validation indicates successful transmission. Experiments show that the proposed method can effectively distinguish between active and inactive nodes, which increases the difficulty of attackers’ attack and effectively protects the security and privacy of Internet of Things nodes and data, I believe there exists great promise for this type of distributed networks yet integrated approach to data security and analysis. Given my interests and experience, after speaking with Prof. T. Manohar, I believe I may also be a good candidate for the Network Information Security.

I am currently employed on the Asqalan Group of Company with a Technical Department, Abu Dhabi, where I hold the titles of Tender Coordinator and Technical Engineer. I am responsible for managing all Tenders that include Civil and Architectural analysis or application development. In 2012, I began experimenting with open-source software as a solution to some of the more challenging data conversion and application development problems faced in our grant proposals. These software programs (HTML, Visual Basic, MySQL/ ORACLE, JAVA, etc.) gave me a platform for developing tools that allow users to browse, query, and interact with highly-complicated and resource-intensive data via a Web browser. I have given presentations on my work to a broad range of audiences: nationally at various conferences and to groups such as the LIET International Conference, IJCA, and IJISET, and locally to the KLM College Users Group and various research groups and classes at BCETFW. Until 2016, I was worked as an In charge of head of the Computer Science Department .and handling all under graduation and postgraduation Major project research and conducted the seminars and Workshops national wise from the college. Teaching Laboratory Experiments in CSE Department.

Additionally, I have authored or co-authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Although I have been involved with the grant writing process many times, I am not in a position to direct research or serve on large research projects such as those for which we’ve received NSF funding. I want to pursue a Ph.D.

not solely as a result of i might prefer to actively pursue grant opportunities and direct analysis at the next level, but also because I know I would benefit personally from the

increased depth and breadth of information and skill i might gain from the method.

After earning the Ph.D. I would prefer to either continue in a very high-level analysis position or add world as a academician. I would love to advise students and teach courses in Network technology, Information Security, or a combination of the two.

Thank you for considering my application.

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