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Communication unlike in ancient days is no longer limited to sharing of information and ideas in direct confrontation rather in modern world it has evolved with the help of media to improve understanding of concepts and messages delivered virtually through visual interpretation to large number of people such as in movies and images. This essay will depict that movies and images are really a great way of communication with thorough justification of reasons

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final (1) Essay
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Millions of people around the globe access movies as a means of entertainment.

Based on the mood; audience wants to be told a story that will excite, amuse, scare, motivate or communicate.

Films use different genres such as comedy, horror, drama, fantasy etc., which while providing audience a good time simultaneously making them, think about the concepts portrayed on screen. Moreover, different shots are organized in movies under editing process in such a manner that makes the audience intrigued and hence capturing the attention of viewers and keeping them hooked throughout the show .

The 2009 Indian movie 3idiots is a comedy-drama, which focus on the social pressure under Indian education system. The movie is a satire, which uses humor to bring out the fact that knowledge is necessary rather than cramming for a better tomorrow. The movie is edited in such a way that it shows two parallel worlds: present and 10 years back efficiently using editing to make the screen play more effective. Thus subconsciously providing a message and spreading awareness among masses. Movies are shot with different focus of camera from different angles, which stimulates the mind of viewer to a different reality of what is happening on screen. Films enhance the art of storytelling by stimulating the emotions, which in turn helps to break prejudices because people feel the perspective shown in the picture and relates it to their realities, which induce change. Since many access this platform it makes the delivery of social messages more effective unlike in other means where messages are delivered through monotone speeches or articles. Movies use the art of storytelling to spread social awareness. In India where menstruation is stigmatized breeding into stereotypes and sexism. Where speaking of menstrual hygiene was considered dishonorable, movie named pad man was launched speeding awareness on the issue, which was later followed by a nationwide awareness movement. Hence successfully bringing the unspeakable issue to light.

Movies improve understanding of viewers; they allow viewers to witness certain situations, which the audience will not be able to experience otherwise providing them knowledge about the issues they are unaware of such the fit kids watching about the struggles of body shaming or the people struggling with racism. Hence, they help the people to understand the situations other may face making them more aware of struggles faced by different parts of society. Movies depict the emotion portrayed by the actors, which seems real. Since visual interpretation of emotions is done, the audience feels a connection with the actors eliciting deeper emotions in the audience. Such as guess who has coming to dinner a 1967, drama about interracial marriage was launched in the same year the Supreme Court banned laws in 17 states that prevented interracial marriage the movie helped to change the perception of whites who were against interracial marriages. The 1994 movie Trevor shows the struggles of a teen that faces prejudices for being homosexual, which was further followed by Trevor project, which provided resources to LGBTQ society. Movies also help in understanding of history and the events, which lead to drastic changes in the past. Movies set themes, background and costumes, which set the ambience and atmosphere of the past transferring viewers into that era. Allowing have a virtual experience of the events such as in the movie the pianist depicts the struggles faced by a polish musician during the period of ww2 in order to survive showing the conditions of people during the period of World War 2. While the audio books narrate the stories in a monotonous way, movies use visual description and background sounds to set the atmosphere for viewers. A film use variety of sounds to built anticipation before climax in horror movies, and built anderline in action movies and hence stimulates nerve giving a viewer an all round experience rather than delivering information in descriptive way keeping the audience interested in screenplay of the movies hence outgrowing audio books as a means of entertainment and knowledge

Movies are not limited to specific society or a group of people they highlight diversity and focus on certain aspects of human life. People around the globe watch films. . Movie genres such as biographies and documentaries enhance knowledge conveying a deeper meaning to mundane aspects of life. such as in the movie human which is exclusively made of aerial images and first person stories raises question on what makes us human drawing a direct context to emotions . The movie displays footages from 60 different countries in native languages. Hence, while providing the knowledge about the intensity of emotions and problems of different people in world living at different places. Using a plain black background so that the limelight is given to the storyteller the movie uses background music to make the stories more interactive while telling real stories. The emotion portrayed and background sound makes it connective. Communicating the unified language of humanity through gestures and expressions. Movies also influence the lifestyle culture and language of people. Such as the movie super size me shows the harmful effects of junk food influencing people to adapt to healthy lifestyle. Certain clothing styles and culture is also adapt by people who is influenced from it’s portray in movies. Movies is a great way of learning new languages in a entertaining manner as we watch the movies we perceive words and its meaning through dialogues also movies show realistic scenarios hence increasing our active vocabulary.

To conclude movies are a great way of communication in modern world as it delivers messages and ideas to masses subconsciously and in an effective manner. The tools used in making of a movie set the atmosphere making it more realistic and offering a connection to audience, which remains with them after the show, ends playing a major part in influencing certain decisions in their life. Hence, providing better understanding of society around the world.

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