Feeding Program Report Essay

CAT’s Feeding Program provides a healthy, fresh and nutritious meal to the kids who were in hunger or else to the areas wherein we can see that the people cannot really accommodate their meals clearly. This program also desires to give free meals to those children who where in the particular place that we are destined to go to.

Feeding is a tool, which today effectively enables hundreds of millions of poor children worldwide to be sustained to their meals—in developed and developing countries alike.

This paper describes the benefits of CAT feeding and how this well-proven tool can be scaled up and specifically targeted to address some of the key constraints to universal primary health completion. One of the advantages of CAT feeding is that, in addition to enabling health status, it has positive direct and indirect benefits relating to a number of other development goals (namely for gender equity, poverty and hunger reduction, partnerships and cooperation, care and prevention, and improvements in health and other social indicators).

Some of those implications are discussed herein as well. Even in the most-developed nations, there are hungry children who can be helped by school meals.

Through this program, we can help the poor people to at least give them meals so that their hunger will be removed. We, the CAT officers, are the ones who personally made and planned the meals to be cooked. We prepared the meals carefully and cook the meals deliciously so that it would be worth for the children who were eating the meals. We can assure to the children that were eating the meals that we had prepared were all clean and healthy since in has the nutritious ingredients like carrots and sweet potato. We also add some seasonings to the meal so that it would be more delicious and that the children would be very happy to the meal that they were eating.

The program tries to close the people’s hunger gap by bringing food to children across the street. Run by the school that funded primarily by the CAT officers, the program offers a safe location for children to eat meals and get free food to take home to their families. At least, in our own simple ways we could help to close the people’s hunger. And through this simple way of helping them closing their hunger, we could also give them nutrition.

The objectives of the program are to value the health of every people in the community, to have cooperation while giving foods to others, and to discipline the child’s behavior. And through this program, the children learned how to give, they learned through cooperation and the target objectives were happened.


On the day of the Feeding Program, it was an exciting day for me since it was my first time to experience that one. Our assembly place was our school and our assembly time was 6:30-7:00 am and I came up late at the school because of the fact that when I came up there, they were only few of them who were there. So, when I came there, there was them and after a few minutes I began to help them. I help them repacking the juice; I also help them chopping the ingredients into small dices.

After doing all those preparations, we began cooking. Our teacher divided into three different groups that’s why I am sure it will be easy for the meal to be cooked. We also have three large pots where we can cook the meal. Our group leader was Sinclair F. Seno, I know that he really knows how to cook and besides, he is a skillful person whom I trust on. I trust him that he could make our meal so delicious and he really does. Through his experiences in cooking and on his determination to finish cooking, he made it very fine. And then the other group’s meals were also already cooked.

Afterwards, we were preparing so that we can now go to our designated area. The area we will distribute the meals that we had prepared. Then we went to the chapel of their place and tell all the residents that we will be giving out free food and meals. So, we have been working out and then the residents began going out and went to us to ask for food and we also gave them. We also gave them juice so that they will not choke the food that they eat.

From the start, the residents were too little and it seems that the food that we had prepared were too much for the people that we are giving food. But when we had announced from each of their homes that we are giving food for free, they were immediately going our from their houses and went to us for food. We were so very happy because it is relieving to the heart that you can help to stop the people’s hunger just in a very simple way. This program is also a way in helping them out of the state of hunger. We also take some videos and pictures for our documentary and also as a remembrance for having this first activity of our CAT.

After giving free foods for them, we also immediately clean up the area that we had used and go back again to our school. We wash all those large pots and other things that we had use for cooking. After cleaning those things, we had our picture taking. Together all of us, we had worked out for this event to be successful I enjoy this event and really had fun.


I had observed from our program that handling this kind of program is not that easy because you need to have the cooperation between the officials from the place and also from the administration from the office of the school and without their cooperation, the program would be nothing.

Also I had observed that without the cooperation of the officers, it wouldn’t be a big success to this program. I had seen that all of us were working together for us to finish this kind of job for the day. We work hard together for us to make this program very successful.

This program is also with the residents who support our program. Who were there to ask for food and support what we were doing.

This kind of program is not really easy. It really needs time to plan and enough budgets so that the needs would be completed. This program needs to be planned carefully so that the result would be very nice and that the program would be very successful.


This kind of program should be improved. This program must be in a proper way of having a program. Maybe this should have a list of program so that we can also entertain the children who were there. We can also have games for the children so that they would not only enjoy the food that they eat but also they will be happy and because of the games that will be prepared for them. We can also give them toys (used or donated) so that they would delight the things that will be given to them. We can also perform some intermission numbers for them to be entertained. At least through this simple ways, we could bring joy to their lives and make them happy for this time.

This kind of program would be very interesting because it can really help a lot for the children.


In the current years, the population of the world is getting bigger and bigger and we are not really sure if they can still accommodate their needs and if they can still feed themselves. That is why we have this program to help the people’s hunger to be removed.

Giving also nutritious foods to the children could be the best way for them to be provided with adequate nutrition. And also through the food that they eat, it could also energize their day.

Therefore, I conclude that this program is for the benefit of the people who are in the state of poverty and hunger.

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