Fashion Dissertation Topics Essay

We have provided the selection of example fashion dissertation topics below to help and inspire you.

Example fashion dissertation topic 1:

The renaissance of tweed: A contemporary review of Harris Tweed

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Fashion Dissertation Topics Essay
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With sales surging, Harris Tweed has come back into fashion whereas, but a mere decade ago, the future of the company looked bleak. This dissertation charts the resurgence of tweed as an iconic material that celebrates the best of British design in the 21st century. Combining theory with practice, this dissertation uses not only interviews with designers, purchasers and consumers, but also looks at the way Harris Tweed is manufactured, and marketed globally.

The ability to undertake primary interviews with the independent loom workers of the island would also be advantageous in the completion of this piece of work as would an interest in business modelling.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Breward, C., Conekin, B. and Cox, C. (eds) (2002). The Englishness of English dress. Oxford: Berg.
  • McDougall, K. (2011). ‘A case study for innovation in contemporary tweed’.

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