Family Law in Australia Important references

A Harland, D Cooper, Z Rathus and R Alexander, Family Law Principles (2nded, Thomson Reuters, 2015) (‘Harland’)

Highly recommended

B Fehlberg, R Kaspiew, J Millbank, F Kelly and J Behrens, Australian Family Law – The Contemporary Context (2nd, ed, Oxford University Press, 2015) (‘Fehlberg’)

Australian Master Family Law Guide (7thed, CCH, 2015) (‘Master Guide’)

Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (33rded, CCH, 2015) (‘FLA’)

Family Law Rules 2004 (‘FLRules’)


Useful websites

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Institute of Criminology

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australia’s National Research Organization for Women’s Safety Family

Law Council

Cth Attorney-General’s Department

Cth Department of Human Services

Family Court of Australia
Federal Circuit Court of Australia


FLA (Family Law Act 1975)ss 10F-10K, s 60I, ss 60J and 60K

FLA(Family Law Act 1975) Part VII, Division 12A (ss 69ZM-69ZX) (principles for conducting child related proceedings)

FLRulesChapter 1, Rules 1.04 – 1.08
Chapter 16A (for Part VII, Division 12A cases)
Schedule 1 Pre-action procedures Part 1 – Financial cases; Part 2 – Parenting cases


Harlandchapters 4 and 5

Fehlbergchapter 7

Master Guide chapters 1 and 23
chapter 7 (on Part VII, Division 12A) (pp 152-166)


T Altobelli and D Bryant, ‘Has confidentiality in family dispute resolution reached its use by date?’ in A Hayes and D Higgins (eds) Families, Policy and the Law: Selected essays on contemporary issues for Australia (AIFS, Melbourne, 2014) 195-206

J Dewar, ‘Can the Centre hold? Reflections on two decades of family law reform in Australia’ (2010) 24 Australian Journal of Family Law 139 (see topic 8)

H Rhoades, H Astor and A Sanson, ‘A study of Inter-Professional Relationships in a Changing Family Law System’ (2009) 23 Australian Journal of Family Law 10-29

reading provided

D Bryant, CJ and J Faulks, DCJ, ‘The “helping court” comes full circle: The application and use of therapeutic jurisprudence in the Family Court of Australia’ (2007) 17 Journal of Judicial Administration 93-125

J Hirst, ‘“Kangaroo Court” Family Law in Australia’ (2005) Issue 17 Quarterly Essay 1-85
J Hill, ‘Suffer the children: Trouble in the Family Court’ (November 2015) The Monthly 36-45

R v Watson; ex parte Armstrong (1976) 136 CLR 248 (High Court) Truman and Truman (2008) FLC 93-360; [2008] FamCAFC 4 (Full Court)





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