Family beyond Blood

Almost everyone has a family, either the ones they have since the very beginning after they are born, or the ones they encounter later in life.  As one of the most significant social units to an individual, the term of family is irreplaceable. It is individual family units throughout the history that formed the population we have today, with the new replacing the old, and it is still growing. By definition, a traditional family is “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not” ( However, in our modern society, some family models are excluded from this definition, such as single-parent family, or childless family, and etc. Some individuals known as “single parent”, or “baby mama” which is a term for the women or man who have a child with a partner but is no longer in a relationship with said partner. Many types of relationships are not legally recognized by the United States government, but are recognized by the individuals who are in them and family members.What is a family really defined? Do people within it have to be blood-related at some point? Does the content have to consist of a group of people affiliated by kinship or co-dwelling? I believe the answer is no. Evidently, there are other notable groups than just family members in ones’ life. This brings up another significant aspect of a person’s life—friends. Friends to us are the ones who share a bond of mutual affection with us over common interests, shared goals, or sometimes, shared enemies. They are the ones who we feel related to outside of blood-bonded family but as equally important. They are also a crucial part of a person’s life seeing that they are part of a person’s major guidance and influence outside of his or her blood-bonded family extent. In some case, friends can be as close as blood-related family, if not closer. Although to some crowd, blood is thicker than water and kinship stop at the end of their blood line. I believe the term family can be much more extended beyond blood, in addition,some time seven more powerful than blood……………

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