Factorial Designs

Unlike the basic experimental designs that included only one independent variables, Factorial designs have more than one independent variable and generally include between two and four independent variables. Factorial designs allow researchers to study several independent variables at once, as well as the interactive effects of the independent variables on the dependent variable. Thus, factorial designs, in a sense, allow us to research more than one study at the same time. Select and review one of the five studies listed below and discuss the following:

* Provide a brief summary of the study and the methods used.

* Identify the independent variables, and the levels of each, and the dependent variable.

* Place the data into the correct cells of a factorial matrix

* In your own words, discuss what main effects and interactions were found. How would you interpret these results?

The Five Studies:

1. Okediji, A.A., Etuk, A.S., & Nnedum, O.A.U. ( 2011). influence of perceived co-worker involvement and supervisory support on job satisfaction. lfe Psychologia, 19 (2), 28-42. [Retrieved from Proquest].

2. Dennison, S.M. & Thompson, C. N. (2011). Intimate partner violence: The effect of gender and contextual factors on community perceptions of harm, and suggested victim and criminal justice responses. Violence and Victims, 26(3), 347-363, [Retrieved from Proquest].

3. Jones, C. G. A & Weatherburn, D. G. (2011). Willingness to pay for rehabilitation versus punishment to reduce adult and juvenile crime, Australian Journal of Social Issues, 46(1), 9-29. [Retrieved from Proquest].

4. Fernandez, A.C., Wood, M.D., Laforge, R., & Black, J.T. (2011). Randomized trials of alcohol-use interventions with college students and their parent: Lessons from the transitions project. Clinical Trials, 8, 205-213. [Retrieved from Proquest].

5. Cass, AL. (2011). Define stalking: The influence of legal factors, extralegal factors, and particular actions on judgements of college students. Western Criminology Review, 12 (1), 1-14. [Retrieved from Proquest].

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