Facilities management encompasses various disciplines and services Essay

Facilities management encompasses various disciplines and services to ensure the capability, comfort, safety and performance of a built environment including buildings and grounds, infrastructure and real property. Facilities managers are involved in a myriad of disciplines that play a vital position inside the awareness of agency objectives from strategic operational planning to daily physical renovation to the control of environmental performance troubles. Facilities control experts and institutions are answerable for the powerful operational control of the buildings and precincts that form most of the people of surroundings, making sure the health, wellness and productivity of workforce and the wider network.

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Facilities management encompasses various disciplines and services Essay
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2.0 Hazard and Risk in Heritage Hotel

2.1 The Heritage Hotel Ipoh

Heritage Hotel Ipoh which is situated at Jalan Raja Di Hilir, is a premier business class hotel ideally located in the heart of Ipoh City with a panoramic view of the adjacent Ipoh Turf Club. All of the 267 well-accommodated rooms come whole with country-of-art safety card lock gadget, centralized air-conditioning, a mini bar, I.

D.D. Smartphone, faraway managed color television, espresso & tea making facilities and 2 bottles of complimentary RO water.

In the hotel, they have got Singgah @ H Lobby Lounge on the lobby serving local and western delights and some delectable dessert. At the atrium level, there’s an all-day dining restaurant, Polo Cafe serving worldwide and local cuisine. Adjacent to Polo Caf? is the newly opened Garden Lounge serving a diffusion of cocktails, liquors, beers and light snacks to the relaxing sounds of the grand piano done stay each nighttime. Other offerings and facilities consist of 24 hours room carrier, laundry and dry cleaning, journey table, transportation services to and from the airport, secure deposit boxes on the front table and also a gymnasium – entire with sauna and Jacuzzi service. Convention facilities assist you to varieties of conferences, wedding ceremony, birthday party or theme celebration of your desire, with a ballroom that comprises as much as 500 people and six properly equipped assembly rooms which might be best for small to medium sized functions.

2.2 Analyzing the Risk and Hazard in Hotel

In the hospitality industry, there’s a suspect in terms of place of work hazards and risks which are regular to our hospitality industry. These hazards are discovered in maximum hospitality venues along with hotel. They basically want to be addressed to make certain we lessen the danger of harm to employees in particular, and patrons and guests with public liability problems in thoughts. A hotel running regulatory climate just has to accept that identifying and controlling health and safety risks is a normal cost of doing business.

During the observation analysis of Heritage Hotel, I discovered many facilities are old and malfunctioned as such the ceiling in the guest room was damaged and dirty, it might cause water drop on the ceiling. Moreover, the air-condition was very dirty and many dusts inside there. It seems like the employee never clean out the air-condition for a long time. Otherwise, the wire behind the television was messy and fall off to been seen, it’s really not nice to be seen by the guest with the messy wires was come off.

Furthermore, the furniture in the guestroom such as chair was damaged, the cover cotton of the chair was peeled off and not fixed. They could’ve operated and sell the room with uncomfortable furniture, the most important of a room is first impression of the room. Therefore, a dustbin across the hallway is full of rubbish and cigarette that haven’t been clean or throw. Heritage Hotel should improve they housekeeping manager because the manager should be informing the maintainer department or outsourcer to fix the broken furniture or inform to purchasing department to purchase new furniture.

Hotel maintenance department are regularly responsible for the control of service and techniques that support the middle business. They make certain the safety of all the personnel and visitors within the obstacles of the establishment, and they may be additionally accountable for improving energy efficiencies and reducing working costs. They protect the integrity of the building via preservation of building structures which includes partitions, ceilings and flooring, aircons, heating and cooling plants; water and sewage facilities; fixtures, furnishings and gadget, electricity, alarms, space control, procurement and so much more. It’s a huge responsibility for any hotel, and having the proper crew in region guarantees that things run smoothly.

2.3 Conclusion

The most important prerequisites for success in the hospitality industry. The quality of hospitality hotel furniture happens to be so important. Outdated furniture that fails in terms of functionality can have a disastrous impact on a hotel’s reputation. It’s important to keep in mind that not all hospitality hotel furniture is created equal. When it comes to room furnishing, quality is tremendously important. Cheap furniture made of inferior materials will never be capable of accomplishing that goal. It’s all about the warmth and rustic appeal of the pieces. A comfortable chair, a strategically positioned desk and a wardrobe will all make the room easier to use in the best possible way. Furniture that lacks the necessary functionality is going to get visitors aggravated.

3.0 Strategies to Overcome the Problem

3.1 Overcome the Risk and Hazard

The system utilized in hotel has gone via main enhancements over the previous years. They are becoming greater computerized, complicated and their utilization greater widespread. They commonly are expensive or imply higher investments, despite the fact that they do frequently have reduced amortization durations. The few maintenances and furniture need to be progressed in Heritage Hotel is ceiling, air-conditioner, wires, furniture and hygiene. Whatever cause failure in equipment represent protection costs for the hotel and therefore need to be decreased as some distance as viable. Excellent provider is intrinsically connected to protection and a higher potential to make repair which comes down to top hotel management.

3.2 Solution for the Problem

Predictive maintenance has become more popular in plant management as managers move from run-to-fail operations to trying to prevent untimely equipment failures from occurring in the first place. Companies are looking for new ways to engage in equipment monitoring, operations oversight and the control of machine downtime. But many managers are struggling with how to handle increasingly complex systems, technology and operations. Predictive analysis technology addresses many of these problems.

For hotels, to achieve a seamless and connected experience means to power and unify data-on-demand, entertainment-on-demand and experiences-on-demand for the guest. While hotels concentrate on engaging with the guest, they often miss engaging with their data and deriving insights that make the difference. Data from PMS, reservation systems, POS systems and many more need to be intelligently analyzed for actionable insights. But as data grows, so does cost of maintaining and analyzing might leave alone the planning of personalized experiences which is a whole new ball game. To use data smartly, one first needs to analyze the key issues that guests and hotel staff face.

Predictive analysis technology addresses many of these problems by using statistics, modeling, machine learning and data mining to uncover current and historical trends. This technology can predict future events and identify when anomalies are occurring. This makes equipment maintenance forward-thinking and proactive, which is more in line with the demands of today’s manufacturing environment.

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