Expectations about own work role Essay

2. Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards?

The expectation of my work role is to understand my job description 100% in order to carry out the best care for service users this will show my competence to the job role not only that I understand how to do the job but understanding why I do it and the theory side of the job. To be able to know how to do my job correctly it is important that I read the standards of my work place which are the National Minimum Standards,the National Occupational Standards, policies and procedures and the staff hand book.

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Expectations about own work role Essay
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These will explain the standard of work Ineed to do in order to work effectively and provide the best care for the individual needs of the service users. This will also show competence to my job role showing that I am taking time to read and understand how to do the job be for I put it to practice.


1. Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided?

Reflective practice is important when improving the quality of the service provided because nothing ever stays the same things change all the time. Change is a very big thing and new standards reflect the changes in our profession. It is important to continuously review and reflect on practises used in order to improve or change approaches to strategies and actions that can benefit the service user and the service provider to improve the service to the best standard possible. This can be done in a positive organised approach which is why there are regular supervision with the line manager, staff meetings or house meetings where if it is a private small care home service users are involved to discuss things that may have gone well or not so well, things that could have be done differently so we can work as a team to improve the situation or what could be done in the future to make things better and maybe see things from a different perspective so as to understand how the service user may perceive situations.

Keeping up to date with records and reviews because it will help to reflect back on what needed to be done to what has been done since the last record, review to what needs to be done next. Also completing personal development plans and risk assessments which I can reflect back on to improve the quality or service for the needs of the service user. Keeping up to date with new developments and information is important when using reflective practice it is my job to regularly check the work setting standards just in case of new standers and to keep attending training courses and information centres to keep up to date. I can also find new information through the media like radio, television, newspapers and magazines, also the Internet can provide new information and any changes to the care sector. Any new information obtained is best discussed with manger as it may not apply to the work place.

It is important to reflect on work activities and development of knowledge, skills and practise because it allows you to assess what you are doing well, identify areas where you might like or maybe need more training or guidance in to make sure you are doing your job correctly, and are meeting all standards and expectations within the care setting and following policies and procedures. It helps you think about what you are doing in the setting and to always be aware of how I work with the service users and colleagues. Reflecting on my own practice can enhance and improve my confidence and self-esteem because I can look at what I am doing well, and what I have learnt and achieved. It can also make me feel good about myself especially if I have done something with ease that I used to find difficult, if I have done something I never did well in or something that I have never tried before, this then gives me confidence to continue working.

3. Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practises?

We all have our own values, beliefs and experiences which makes us who we are.

As a result having our own values, beliefs and experiences can affect our working practises in many ways because you may not agree with another persons values and beliefs or the other way round which can cause negative feelings with each other which will affect the way you work with each other. This can also affect the working practises because you may work more closely with the people who share similar values and beliefs as you that the people who don’t, this shouldn’t be the case you should provide the same quality of care/ support for all people in the care setting, this can be more difficult that you think because most people naturally will work with people who share the same beliefs and values and not think twice about it which can result in bad practice.

In a care setting it is my job to make sure that service users understand that I accept them for who they are and what they believe in. This means that I should show an interest in their the service users lifestyle and accept them as an individual even if I don’t share their beliefs and lifestyles. For example service users with different religions and beliefs should have the right to practise their faith and celebrate their religious festivals because it may be very important to the service users.


1. Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards?

In order to evaluate my own knowledge, performance and understanding I need to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses in my work, identifying major factors that influence the way I develop and the way they affect the way I work and relate to others in the work place, this can come under reflective practice where I evaluate the way in which I work and do things. When I have pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses I don’t take the weaknesses as a negative I take them on board and find ways I can improve them to improve my performance at work. As I want to grow in my career it means I need to be up to date with all care standards of the work place and knowledge which means I will put myself forward for any training courses and do on line training courses to keep my knowledge up to date as I develop and also my understanding of where I am at, what I need to do and time scale of which to achieve this.

There are three main factors to consider when taking an approach to professional development and they are what are my goals, what do I want to achieve, how am I going to achieve it and how will I know when I have achieved it. In order to know these things I need to right a record of what I have done, what I would like to do and how long to do it in, this is setting myself goals which will help me progress in my career. it will also help me to evaluate each stage of my development.


1. Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development?

Sources of support for planning and reviewing my own development is having supervisions with my manger to reflect on what has happened since the last supervision, for example things that I have struggled with or things that I need to improve on. Its a time to acknowledge the strengths and weakness that me or my manager has identified and discuss how I can improve them. It also can be a time where my manager will discuss up coming courses I may like to attend. Also my manager does a yearly appraisal which will show my achievements throughout the year my strengths, weaknesses and what I intend on achieving in the following year, also it gives my manager to write comments on how I have progressed and things I need to improve on. Also my manager and work colleagues are have expressed they they are open to offer advice if I need it and support me through any situations I find difficult to deal with.


1. Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice?

Learning is a part of everyday life we learn something new everyday or learn how to do things better. Learning can affect the way we practice because if things don’t go the way we planed then we reflect on things that went wrong and do an over all evaluation of the positives and negatives of the activity and find ways we can improve it. People have different way they like to learn and being able to point out and understand the way we learn is helpful for the learning process.

There is a theory called the Kolb cycle which consists of the:

  • Concrete experience — which can be something you do everyday or something unusual that happens because of what has happened to you or what you have done.
  • Reflective observation- where you reflect back and think about the situation that has happened.
  • Abstract conceptualisation- where you realise that there is a consistent pattern or theory that fits which you already know about and being able to work out rules about the situation.
  • Active experimentation- where you put in place the rules you work out if next time the same situation happens or a similar situation.

This means you can evaluate both situations the one from be for and the new one with the new rules which means you will have different factors to think about and think about different thing to learn. also both situation will provide different experiences which should affect your practice in a positive way. this will also mean that the cycle should continue. In my experience I have came across a few situations that I have dealt with differently as I think about the situation and things that I could of done better. For example a service user has an eating disorder so the service user can only cope with eating certain things and certain amount of food consumption in a day. I reflected on this situation by thinking about things I didn’t try or could try in the future. I read through the service users care plane which shows me what the service user like to eat or doesn’t like to eat. I then put some meal ideas together and talked about it to the service user and have also got the service user to try new things by offering them to taste or share which has help because the service user eats allot better now than when I first started at Ty Connie.

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