Expansionary Fiscal Policy

Note: There is only one written assignment due at the end of the course. The course paper is due at the end of week 4. It is announced in week 3 only as a reminder so you can start working on your paper if you have not done so already. The objective is to explain macroeconomic concepts in your own words with real-world examples and to improve writing and research skills. For your course paper, you may either: A)Summarize a topic covered in one of the chapters in the text that may have interested you the most. Below is a hypothetical example of steps a student might take in completing the course paper: You become interested in chapter 7, “Taxes”- (Note: this is not a macroeconomic topic). You define and explain your chosen topics, such as “the incidence of tax”, “excise tax”, and “burden of taxation”. You organize your notes on relevant points sequentially. You find fairly current or recent articles, or information relevant to your chosen topic. (For example: How a 5% hotel room occupancy tax imposed on tourists visiting San Diego may affect price, quantity demanded and supplied, and how the burden of the tax is shared between the buyers and the sellers). You offer concluding remarks that may be subjective but supported by economic reasoning. This essay should emphasize quality rather than quantity and should be at least 4 pages, not including bibliography.OR, you may:B)Choose one of the following macroeconomic topics, or, choose your own macroeconomic (not MICROeconomic) topic

Expansionary Fiscal Policy 1

  1. Does expansionary fiscal policy help or hinder economic growth?
  2. Why was the Federal Reserve Bank in favor of raising the interest rates while the present administration was against it?
  3. How can the recent tariff wars affect foreign currency exchange rates and maybe the consequences on the domestic economy?
  4. Howandwhenwas the Great Recession of 2008 recovered?
  5. Do you think the economy is headed for a recession? why or why not?
  6. Once you have selected a topic, be sure to conduct a thorough Review of Literature on the subject. The minimum length of your course paper is4 pages, double-spaced without the title page and the page on references. There is no upper page limit for your paper. Organize your paper with five sections:
  • Introduction and objective. Make sure the objective is specific.
  • Literature Review. Conduct a search on the topic of your paper and summarize works of others similar to what you are writing on. Be sure to follow APA guidelines. The following link contains basics of APA style guidelines:
  • http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx
  • Analysis: Analyze your topic with reference to the objective.
  • Summary and conclusion.
  • References. Provide at least two references, at least two of which must be scholarly books and /or journals.
  • You are welcome to send your topic and the objective of your paper to your instructor by the end of the first week so that she/he may provide additional guidance.
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