Executive Summary

The executive summary condenses your entire report into a concise quick-to-read section of generally one-to-two pages length.


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Executive Summary
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Unlike an introduction section, the goal of an executive summary is inform the reader of the scope, major issues, analyses, highlights, and recommendations that are contained and presented in full detail in subsequent sections of the report.


It is called and executive summary since it is written as though it will be read by a busy executive who doesn’t have time to read the full report but seeks to be fully informed by reading a brief, concise, and complete summary of the report.


In the writing process for reports it is generally best to leave this section as one of the last you write since it needs to be a summary of the entire report (so it makes little sense to attempt to write it before you have a near-complete draft of the full report itself).


For this font style, font size, page margins, paragraph settings, etc., this section should be about one to two pages in length – not exceeding two pages in length.




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