EXECUTIVE SUMMARY We at Furwel Technologies have great pleasure Essay


We at Furwel Technologies have great pleasure in submitting a proposal to your company in response to the discuss we had for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a CCTV Surveillance System. The strength of our proposal lies in:

• Our approach. To partner with the customer.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY We at Furwel Technologies have great pleasure Essay
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• Our solution. A high performance service to the customer.

• Our value. Real customer benefit on the whole-life cost.

We will deploy a multi-disciplinary team with proficiency in each areas critical to the success of fulfilling the requirement.

We have subject matter expertise in the areas of surveillance, physical and information security, networking, IT service management and project management. We have a clear understanding of the requirement set out. Our proposal is therefore based on definite objectives. The approach to the requirement, the technical solution and team have a single purpose –to deliver a high performance service to the customer. Our service will complement and enhance your existing infrastructure. We will use tried and tested COTS equipment, and partner with suppliers who have a reliable and proven track record.

We are therefore confident that the proposed approach will provide a reliable and e?cient solution — a high performance surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability. And we intend to deliver the solution on time and within the agreed cost.

3. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 3 | 15 Introduction Our Understanding of the Requirement The customer stated requirement is to supply, install, test and commission a CCTV Surveillance System. This translates to a statement of need which can be considered to be A high performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability Our mission therefore, is to deliver a high performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability. We intend to meet the customer requirement, and in doing so, to complement and enhance the existing security arrangements. We assume that the surveillance system has the following objectives • Deter theft • Detect suspicious activity. • Deter opportunist malpractice. • Aid fire detection and safety. Our Approach To Meeting The Requirement We will apply a simple principle — strive to deliver a value for money service. We will absorb the technical detail and pressure so that the customer realizes a high performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability. We take a modular system of systems approach to the technical solution. We will source the technical components and make the most of Commercial O? the Shelf products for the CCTV, LAN, Software and Power Supply solutions. Our engineers will integrate these using advanced system engineering principles so that we present the surveillance service to the customer.

4. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 4 | 15 Our technical solution will be designed to co-exist with current network and power supply systems. We will design it to be unobtrusive, but its functions will be fully supportive of the customer security objective. We will work hand in hand with the customer to make sure that we prepare a service that meets your actual need. As partners, we will identify the essential requirement, the desirable and nice-to-haves. We will present a service which will have a scalable and expandable solution to meet future demands. We will meet the current requirement on time and within our allocated budget. Why Choose Us Our approach and experience distinguish us from other suppliers. We will partner with the customer to provide a high performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability — to the customer, a value for money service. Our team consists of highly skilled and widely experienced individuals. Most have been in the diaspora for many years, As such, we have worked with cutting edge technology in a multitude of industrial sectors. We will choose tried and tested COTS products. We realize that the customer may not necessarily want bespoke systems; these introduce lots of inherent risk, they are di?cult to understand and expensive to maintain. Our subcontractors and third party vendors will be required to follow this principle. In addition, warranties and spares will be COTS based. We are able to provide a unique solution because we are not limited to a specific vendor. We understand this technology — we use it. As a new player in the security sector, we are keen to present a reputable solution to our customer. A clean page, fresh ideas and unique approach are our key strengths. Our aim is to please the customer with a high performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability. Our service is second to none; the customer will benefit from a pleasant, professional and personal service. A partnership, working together to realize a high performance service

5. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 5 | 15 Our Solution Our solution will consist of the following components • CCTV System • LAN Equipment • Software • Power Backup System Important Assumptions To meet the requirement, we have made some important assumptions. We assume that • Dependencies. Power, Connectivity to the Network, Air Conditioning, Lighting and Physical Security will be made available. • Time. This service will be operational within 2 months of signing the contract. The service will be critical between 1800 — 0600. • Risks. The customer wants a low risk solution. The vendors will deliver on time.

6. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 6 | 15 TECHNICAL PROPOSAL Introduction Our key aim for the technical solution is to present the customer with a high performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 /365 availability. Therefore, the performance of our solution will be measured against this criteria. Our approach will be modular. We have broken down the surveillance system into 4 components. Our engineers will integrate the components to design the solution. As mentioned previously, we will use COTS products from well-known and reliable manufacturers to meet the customer requirement. How We Meet the Requirement The system is designed as follows CCTV Cameras. • The requirement is for low light, motion detection etc • Our solution will consist of cameras that cover the visible and infra-red spectra. • In addition, the footprint of the cameras that we select will be minimal. Our solution meets and exceeds the Video Distribution and Recording requirements below • The VMS and the IP Surveillance Equipment must all be web-based. • These items need to be proprietary for ease of bandwidth and HDD calculation management and for ease of functionality and cohesion with the following minimum requirements for recording, viewing and event management. View and record live Video simultaneously from all cameras on the network. • High quality Video Compression – H264, Mpeg4, MJpeg. • Enables control of cameras.

7. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 7 | 15 • Confirm the Master DVR Server shall record a maximum of 30 camera feeds with no limitation on recordings. However, viewing of images on each screen will be limited to 25 camera images (per Server/Client) for a successful distributed recording architecture, and viewing generation` What the System Looks Like The proposed system will be designed as shown in the diagram below

8. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 8 | 15 How We Will Support the Service Once we have installed the hardware, we intend to support as per the agreement. We o?er the customer these options for the support package. Dedicated On-Site Support We can provide a technician to work hand-in-hand with the customer on-site. The cost for this support will be high in comparison to the other options. During the period the technician is on-site, there will be skills and knowledge transfer to a nominated representative of the customer. This option may be ideal for the first 6 months of the service running. We expect actual time on-site to equate to one man-day a week. Remote Support Our preferred option is to provide remote support. This option is non-intrusive. For complex issues, we expect to provide on-site support to restore service to normal.

9. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 9 | 15 Trained Customer Support with Second Line Support We o?er this option as a basic support model. We will train a nominated person to maintain and perform basic fault analysis. We expect that complicated issues will be directed to our technicians. The key benefit with this option is that the customer will retain a fully trained person. Detailed Description of Supply A structured description of the major technique, design, system configuration, sub- systems, functionality, parts and components, operational and maintenance manuals, international standards (CE, Q, etc.), installation, training, etc. Maintenance The routine maintenance schedule and special requirements for the system • Check whether sta? have experienced any problems with the system. • Carry out a visual inspection of all major components (including cabling and connections where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary. • Examine supporting brackets and towers for signs of corrosion and damage. • Check physical condition of cameras and housings for signs of deterioration due to rain, dust and dirt. • Check that field of view is correct. • Check that all camera bracket fittings and clamping bolts are tight. • Check that lenses are correctly focused. • Check operation of auto-iris lenses as appropriate. • Clean housing windows as necessary. • Check that washer bottles are full, refilling if necessary. • Check operation, blade condition and parking position of wiper unit, adjusting stop position if necessary. • Check condition of pan / tilt unit, adjusting position of end stops and presets where applicable. • Check operation of infra-red units. • Check physical condition and cable connections. • Check operation of switchers and multiplex controllers including external

10. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 10 | 15 alarm interfaces when fitted. Environmental Considerations Our solution will ensure that there are no negative environmental e?ects. We will con-sider: • Wild Heat Generated • Noise • Power Consumption • Carbon Emissions • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

11. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 11 | 15 MANAGEMENT PROPOSAL Our Company Our company benefits from a wide knowledge and expertise portfolio. Our team has practitioners in the following fields; IT Service Management, Security, Accounting, Construction, Earthworks, Information Systems, Law, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Marketing, Architecture and Agriculture. Our work ethos is second to none. Our management has excellent leadership skills and the team members work together to provide excellent service to our customers. All team members have been employed internationally in well recognized institutions which are leaders in their industry. Our management approach will ensure that the customer realizes the following benefits • A managed surveillance service delivered within agreed budget and on time. • A partnership with a professional and e?ective supplier. • A strategic relationship with an open-minded partner. • An excellent service at great value. • An opportunity to work with a developing and growing company. How We Will Manage the Project We will nominate a Project Manager who will be accountable for delivery of the project. We will embed full authority over the necessary resources, and will be the formal contact for the work. Projects InTo deliver on time and within budget, we will follow the tried and tested PRINCE2 methodology. A brief breakdown of our project plan is outlined below. Controlled Environ ments

12. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 12 | 15 Work Package Description We will manage the project using the best practice Project Management techniques to ensure that the work can be carried to cost and schedule. As part of this exercise, the project has been broken down into a number of distinct work packages, which will enable progress to be monitored e?ectively. The work breakdown structure will also be used as the basis for defining milestones against which payments for progress during the project would be made.

13. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 13 | 15 Programme Quality Management The Technology Doctor Ltd operates quality Assurance Systems based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 1999.

14. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 14 | 15 COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL Introduction We have secured a financially viable solution and have arranged suitable commercial agreements with our suppliers that will meet your requirement. Price Our firm price for this work is USD 5,140.39. This will remain valid for a period of 60 days from submission of this proposal. Payment Schedule A tabulated schedule will be useful. Delivery Our solution can be installed and commissioned with14 days from the contract award. Terms and Conditions State the terms and conditions, can refer to the appropriate contract sections.

15. THE TECHNOLOGY DOCTOR CCTV SURVEILLANCE PROPOSAL P a g e 15 | 15 Appendix Enclosed with this proposal are the following documents: • Major equipment specification and data sheets • Detailed Cost Schedule • CCTV Site map

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