Executive Summary Essay

Executive Summary:Walnuts are a rich source of vitamin C, B vitamins (vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin, pantothenic acid and foliate), vitamin E, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc. The surface structure of walnuts has wrinkled in shape like our brain so. Walnuts may be considered brain food perhaps. There are many benefits of walnuts: it improve our health heart, manage weight, improve brain health and control diabetes.Ecommerce is a way to communicate people with each other.

By ecommerce a consumer can interact with company without Human interaction. My Ecommerce business is to supply dry fruit specially walnuts to consumer or distributors. My website is WWW.Pak Walnuts.com where consumers or distributors can purchase online order of my product.There are two types of walnuts Black and White Walnuts. Fortunately Pakistan is rich production in walnuts. A large number of trees are present in Northern areas i.e. Abbottabad, Gilgit, Dir, Orakzai and Kurram etc.

But in spite of that the price of walnuts in Pakistan is high and export of walnuts is low. Mostly, People import walnuts by different online website i.e. allbiz, India mart etc. There are no online businesses that provide walnuts to customer on low price. So, there is an opportunity to provide walnuts on low price. My aim is to provide good quality of walnuts on low price through online website.Basic Idea of the Business Website:3390900810260001695450112458500 Clients all over Pakistan265874559690 Payment (client Payment system control manager 254190514478443267075101981000 Website location(from where manage Company ware houseThe main idea of website is to provide walnuts online to costumers. We also provide walnuts offline to costumers to capture market. In Online costumer will first visit our web page where they can easily view our product with price rate. On a website our main product will be Walnuts but we will also provide some other dry product like almond, chilghoza etc. First costumer will sign up on our website from where they can receive email from our website. If costumer want to buy more than one products then their product will be add to cart after click on product. When costumer chooses their Basket then there will be option for a payment. Customers can easily pay through online banking system. After Payment Product will be delivering to customers through TCS, Pak post etc. After delivering product feedback will be taken from customers that weather customer is satisfied from our product or not.Rather than online website, my idea is to represent my product in different EXPO’S and exhibition on National and International level. First I will grow my own walnuts trees with different modern techniques. 3. Current marketing situationIn Pakistan walnuts are easily available in Market but there are no proper online platforms that provide online services to customers. It’s an opportunity to provide online dry fruits on low price. 4. SWOT Analysis Strength:Pakistan is famous on high quality of dry fruits product.Walnuts are available throughout year. Weakness:High competition in marketLow market shareBuilding image in customer take longer time.Opportunities:Capture large market to make long term relation with costumers. Threat:Unexpected market factorsTerrorism in Pakistan and natural disaster. 5. Marketing strategy:Marketing is all about to make relation or to engage customers. To run ecommerce business it is necessary to obtain new customer and also engaged old customers. I will engage customers by different marketing strategies which are discussed in following points:Optimize Checkout Process: It is most important one which is mostly neglected by many businesses. In Check out process it is very necessary to build relation with customer and to continue building trust with customer Make your checkout process as easy as possible: In my business everything will be on one page so that, customer will easily visualize my page . There will be Three phases for Check out process i.e. shipping information, second is billing and final section is Review their product.Shipping Billing ReviewFull NameAdress: City Select your billing address below: Add Bill.Credit card. Easy paisa Subtotal:ShippingTOTAL:Feed backShow shipping Cost: Order summery Sub Total Estimated shipping-1060231202100 Grand Total : 309187059500 Checkout Update Website with a Time:Update website with passage of time is very necessary.Social Media Advertising:1. Facebook2. Instagram3. YouTube4. Build App on play store.

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