Everyone’s Favorite Food: A History of Burritos Essay

Joy, happiness, satisfaction, these are all words that come to mind when people think of burritos. Burritos are large tacos filled with any filling you may want, wrapped in a delicately made flour tortilla shell. Burritos have a very interesting history, beginning with when it was first made and ending with where it is today.

According to Linda Watts, The History of The Burrito, Helium, last accessed December 5, 2010, Juan Mendez created the first burrito. He owned a taco stand in Ciudad Juarez in Northern Mexico.

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Everyone’s Favorite Food: A History of Burritos Essay
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He wanted to be able to keep his tacos warm so he wrapped them in a flour tortilla shell. He did not know it at the time, but this new way of maintaining the heat of tacos, was going to be a huge hit. It did not take long for people to catch on to the idea.

There are many different ways to make a burrito. The History of the Burrito, which I mentioned before, states that an authentic Mexican burrito is usually made with one or two fillings, while our form of the burrito is made with many fillings.

Some of their fillings include meat, beans, chili rajas, potatoes, or asadero cheese. We fill our burritos with some of these ingredients. Our burrito also includes sour cream, salsa, many different cheeses, guacamole, or many other things. A New Mexican burrito includes one ingredient with or without cheese. There are also different forms of the burrito. A young girl named Tia Sophia invented the breakfast burrito in 1975. Her form of the burrito included potatoes and bacon and it was served wet with chili and cheese. In 1980, McDonald’s used Tia’s idea to make its own form of the breakfast burrito.

Theirs includes eggs, cheese, peppers, sausage, and hot or mild sauce if you choose. Taco Bell created another different version of this burrito in the 1990s. One of the most famous burritos in the U.C. is the San Francisco burrito. It is made with many different things according to what the person wants. Some people have even chosen to make theirs veggie. There were many disputes over who created this type of burrito. There were also disputes over who created the flavorful burrito bowl and the chimichanga. The burrito bowl was created in 200. It is a burrito fajita without the tortilla. The chimichanga is created by putting a burrito in hot water. So, as you can see, the burrito has branched off into tons of different delicious treats that we all love and enjoy.

Many people love burritos. According to United States Burrito Machine Patent, from Google Scholar, last accessed December 1, 2010, a great burrito lover created a mechanism called the burrito machine. He had a hard time folding his burritos perfectly. Well, this device fixed all that. The burrito machine perfectly folds burritos to where the filling will not fall out. While the tortilla shell is in the machine it is created and filled with whatever fillings you wish to stock it with. As you can tell this man, like millions of others, love burritos.

Many people wrongly assume burritos and tacos are the same. But, the burrito is actually quite different then the taco. A burrito contains beans, unlike the taco. Burritos are much larger than ordinary tacos. Burritos are made to be wrapped up, keeping your fillings inside. This is not the case for the taco though. The taco was not originally made to be wrapped in a tortilla shell. When you bite into a burrito, and then a taco, you can tell the difference immediately. Very few people think there is not a difference. But, there are some very distinct differences.

When the burrito was first made, according to Burritos from Mahalo.com Incorporated, last accessed December 5th, it was originally called the food of the burrito, but it was later shortened to burrito. The well known burrito was made popular by Northern Mexico and then the American gold miners. The word burrito means little donkey in Spanish. Courtesy of The History of the Burrito that I mentioned before, in Northern Mexico the burritos are called burritas. In Southern Mexico they are called tacos de harina which means wheat flower tacos, because they are made with special wheat flower tortilla shells. In conclusion, the burrito is a great invention that millions are very grateful for. Although many give credit to the taco for this great flavor, they are extremely wrong.

The taco is not the same as the burrito. In fact, the taco was created long before the burrito was, so they should not make this mistake. Burritos were discovered by Juan Mendez. It is originally made with only one ingredient. But, it has changed over the years and is now made tons of different ways. Some people have even been inspired by this revolutionary food to create very handy and useful devices, such as the burrito machine. There are many different places that you see all around the world that sell burritos, places like Taco Bell, El Meson, El Rodeo, On the Border, and many more. The burrito has come a long way since it was created. It traveled from Mexico throughout the entire world. Millions of people love this cherished and delicious treat. I am sure it has many more years of adornment.

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