Everyone knew the streets of Dury were no longer safe After the Essay

Everyone knew the streets of Dury were no longer safe. After the murder last week, people were afraid to leave their houses after dark. Some were afraid inside their own houses. The man was all over the tv. The news described him as a serial killer, as a psychopath. The police said he was not a person to approach. Knowing this, you’d expect a normal human to not be on the street at 11 at night. But, here I am staring at the road that seemed to have endless darkness.

The street lights were not emitting much leaving me with only my imagination. I could only imagine what was lurking in the dark. I sighed and stared at my surroundings. There was a rustle in the trees behind me. Just as I was about to step forward, a voice made me stop dead in my tracks.

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Everyone knew the streets of Dury were no longer safe After the Essay
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“Co-operate with me, and you’ll feel no pain, you’ll be just fine,” a voice said.

This made me shiver more than the cold. The voice was soft. So soft and husky, I wondered for a moment what he looked like. I thought the voice was directed toward me until I heard another voice, that of a woman to be exact.

“No. Please, I’ll…”

“What did I say about co-operating,” he interrupted.

My heart sank, hearing the desperate pleas of the unknown lady. Her requests stopped and then a muffled scream followed by a loud thump, most likely of her lifeless body hitting the icy road. I felt my hand trembling in fear. My legs are struggling to support my weight. Someone tell me I’m dreaming, please. But the sounds of footsteps coming closer indicated otherwise. That was it. I was going to die.

“Stupid girl.”

“Don’t come near me!” I tried to yell so that someone would hear me, but my voice barely left my mouth. My heart was racing. I wanted to curl up into a ball and wait for someone to come and save me. But no one would. No one was there.

A tall male stepped forward in my view, under the street light. His green eyes reflected the light. His eyebrows thick. A mask prevented me from seeing the other half of his face.

He chuckled.

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“Didn’t your parents teach you to not roam around late at night?”

Parents. The only people I wished I had, but I lost them both in a car accident when I was only six. Maybe now I’ll be with them too. “Please, just let me go,” I said as I stood there shaking scared of the situation. Scared would be an understatement, I was horrified. Just thinking about what this man had done to the lady moments ago made me want to cry out in fear.

“And why would I do that?” His voice held a wicked sense of humour. He had a smirk on his face, maybe with amusement or perhaps with the idea of killing me.

I gulped, hoping it was not the latter. Maybe don’t kill me, because my life is too precious to be taken away by a psychopath. I didn’t say that. The thought just stayed in my head. He chuckled again. It was evil. It made me want to run for my life.

“How about we make a deal?” He asked

“W-What deal?”

I saw his hand make its way towards the inside of his coat. What was he going to take out? A gun was the only thing that comes to my mind. Maybe he mentioned the deal to give me a false sense of hope — something a psychopath would do. I felt sick like I was going to fall to the ground. He took out a coin. I thought about how this was the most cliche thing to happen, but I was relieved it wasn’t a gun.

“Heads or tails.”

I stood in silence, not able to answer.

“I asked, heads or tails,” he snapped.


“Just answer the question.”

“Tails,” I said under my breath but loud enough so that he could hear me.

“Now, you know what happens if you don’t get a tail.

It felt like my heart stopped, as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

“What? No. You can’t do that,” I shouted with fear.

He can’t. He won’t.

“Believe me, I can, and I will.”

Writing Portfolio Jastin Saroay

AS 3.4


Before he flipped the coin, he told me that he thought it was the victim’s fault for getting in his way. I thought to myself, what had I ever done to him? I had never even seen him before, let alone get in his way.

“Now, let’s see what luck has in for you,” he said as the coin flipped in midair.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I watched it until it landed. I was not ready to die. Not now, at least. The coin spun slowly on the road, until it completely stopped, falling one side up. I bent over to look at the coin. Tails. It was tails. I would live. I felt my body relax, the tension leaving. But still this guy was a psychopath, maybe I wasn’t going to live, maybe he was going to pull out a gun next.

“Seems you are lucky.”

I stared at him, and he just seemed to stare back. The thought came into my head that he was the man who would’ve killed me. He threw me the coin before turning around and walking away.

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