Everyone in this world wants to be happy Each one of us Essay

Everyone in this world wants to be happy. Each one of us in our day to day life strives to be happy. Everything we do, all the activities we undertake in our life is in search of happiness. Happiness can be acquired through countless stimuli, whether they are material or emotional. One cannot give a general definition for happiness, due to the fact that each person has their own perception of what happiness is. For some people it may be as simple as simple as waking up every morning and watching the sun rise from their small house and for others it may be living in luxurious house with all the facilities.

Some people find happiness in owning a branded car through which they can earn social status whereas for some it maybe just to own a car so that they can travel in comfort.

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Everyone in this world wants to be happy Each one of us Essay
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For an average person happiness is a choice yet many of us are unhappy because it takes less effort to stay unhappy.

One of the major reason we are not able to be happy nowadays is due to technology. When the brain comes into contact with technology, it can become extremely addicted to it and reliant on it. This can lead to negative effects such as anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression. Another major cause is obsession over the past. Often we fixate our minds on the way things could be or should have been in the past. This makes us unhappy in the present and we miss out on our chances to enjoy life. Moreover, we focus on our negatives more than our positive aspects of life. We may not be able to control everything in our life but we can sure control our reactions to it. Everyone has positive and negative aspects in their life and our happiness completely depends on which aspect we choose to look at. When we focus on the negative aspects our life will be filled with regret and sadness but when we choose to look at the positive aspects, then our life turns to be blissful and filled with joy.

Happiness is not about feeling good all the time. Only when you have downfalls in your life you are able to appreciate the good things you have in life. It can only be experienced if you have both ups and downs in your life. Happiness is not about being rich or being able to afford everything you want. While being poor definitely doesn’t make us happy, beyond that money cannot buy happiness. For example if a person wins around $1million, he may be happy for a short term but in a long term money cannot buy happiness. Its only when he/she decides to spend the money on experiences such as weekend getaways with friends or family he is able to be happy. Happiness is not a final destination. It takes regular effort to maintain happiness. After you attain your happiness it fades away over time. Moreover, it is a journey of life. For example, when you get an appraisal or promotion, we may be happy for a while but soon we adapt to it and it does not make us happy anymore.

Happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with the life you live and how you feel on a day to day basis. When these two elements in life are stable, then you find true happiness. You have the ability to control how you feel and with consistent practice, you can form lifelong habits for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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