Everyone in the class had to try the zip line and was Essay

Everyone in the class had to try the zip line and was called in alphabetical order by name to come over but as soon as my name was shouted out my heart sank to my stomach and began to beat faster than ever before in my life, my feet felt like they were glued to the floor and wouldn’t budge, I was nervous and terrified. The walkway to the zip line looked just like a path to a mountain, as soon as I got to the last set of stairs it felt like the final steps to the top of Mount Everest, every step I took from the beginning became harder to conquer and by the last stairs to the top I was exhausted and filled with doubts of what could happen to me, What if the rope or safety straps break? How long is it going to last? Am I going to be ok? Has any accident happened before? My legs felt like they wanted to make me stop, turn around and go back to the bottom but it was already too late for that as I was instructed to make it to the top, I was already seen by one of the people at the top and told to hurry up.

Thinking about it now I feel like I over exaggerated this whole experience from beginning to the end.

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Everyone in the class had to try the zip line and was Essay
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As I was being put into the safety straps, every strap represented how many seconds there were left until I had to go and by then I was announced to walk off the platform, I have never doubted my safety that much in that situation in my life as if anything happened to me I could have ended up seriously hurt or worse. Then the time came I was forced to walk of the platform to a huge drop which felt like I was going to drop but instead suspended in the air by one metal wire that continuously sped up over time which could have been aged, faulty and could have broken sending me to the ground. On reflection I really cared about my safety about such activities as I never wanted a tragedy to happen to me, but the fear inside me is what made me think of such dangers.

Then travelling on the zip line I felt like my whole body went numb due to the fear and adrenaline in me, I didn’t know what to do, to panic or stay calm but staying calm was near impossible to do, it felt like it took many minutes or more – it only took about thirty seconds – so everyone could have a try, as I closed my eyes after walking off the platform, I tried imagining what was happening around me but as soon as I opened my eyes I was still going and nowhere near the end, as soon as I heard people’s voices I knew I was near the end ,which was probably one of the most glorious moments that has ever happened to me as the most terrifying experience was over and done with, since this happened I have strived to conquer and overcome my fear which I have done but not completely disappeared the fear from me. Fear is an undesirable feeling that is created by the sense of risk and insecurity, agony or physical violence being done upon yourself.

Life can be like a zip line as you have great and your bad moments in life sometimes you can take these moments are gradual or really quick, it may start of simple and straightforward but then it can become very difficult, but you are going to have to push yourself through all of it and keep on moving. The start is your great moments in life and going down the zip line is when you start to encounter you worst moments in life, the straps are your security hang onto them like your family and friends, you try to maintain them and you try not to leave them, you might want to put your hands in the air as your family and friends will always be there for you and support you such as those safety straps holding you and stopping you from falling, it may be too overwhelming for you, the speed, the heights, the vulnerability. But you pick yourself back up and keep going through it, eventually it will come to a standstill, you won’t know how it happened or how it did, but you will have to get off the zip line.

If I continue to run away from my fears it will just result in them becoming more frightening, no matter what I have to fear, I will try to overcome it and it might start to disappear. Just because I fear something and think I cannot get rid of the fear, it’s not recommended to just give up and I know that’s not an option, I might as well overcome it as no one is perfect and everyone fears something in their life in any way shape or form. Looking back on this event I would gladly do this again and I have realised how much I thought about the negatives rather than the positives from the event, I should of just had a great time there instead of fearing my life as I was in the hands of professionals that have done these events for years with thousands of people doing the same zip line as I did.

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