Everyone has their fair share of struggles To some people Essay

Everyone has their fair share of struggles. To some people struggling can be not having a new pair of shoes or not getting a car for their birthday. To me struggling was not being able to eat, and I was struggling. At the end of my junior year of high school my mother and I would constantly get into arguments about pointless issues. Often times words would get said that weren’t supposed to be said. Before any of this occurred, there were issues that led up to this major occurrence.

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Everyone has their fair share of struggles To some people Essay
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It all started freshman year, entering high school I was an out cast. I had just started playing football for the first time in my life. Since the only people I knew at the school were on the football team at the time I hung out with them. Overtime I started forming relationships and bonds with my teammates, I felt like I belonged in the sport and on that team.

I still lacked something that always made me feel lesser than my teammates though, the experience of playing football for many years. This made me strive for greatness I wanted to prove myself and truly be accepted by my teammates. Little did I know about the hardship and length of a journey for greatness.

My mom and I started getting into heated arguments that would often leave both of us depressed after. Overtime the arguments started getting worse until one day when my mom found out I didn’t go to school one day. I had stayed over at my best friend’s house to play the latest update of Fortnite. She came running over to his house (he lived just 3 houses down from me) and told me to come outside. The rest of that moment was a blur once I stepped outside but one thing that stuck to the back of my head was hearing my mom say “Niggers aren’t allowed in my house anymore.” She then proceeded to kicking me out of her house so by the end of my junior year I was homeless. So, I ended up living with my best friend which was not what I expected it to be. I had to go through a really big change of how households work and I was not a fan of this house at all. His uncle was retired and was living off of his retirement check. He tries his best to support four other people that live in the house. So I went from eating four meals a day to one a day. I couldn’t get a job until I had a birth certificate and social security card. My mom had disowned me so she didn’t want to give me these documents. I had to muster up any money I could until I finally had enough to get these documents myself. After I retrieved them I was hired by McDonald’s making $10.50 an hour. So I have to pay for my groceries, personal needs and senior activities. I’m working to survive at this point. I pay for my own laundry but sometimes I have to make a decision between doing my laundry or buying some food.

Although it seems gloomy, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.During all this I was still a head captain on my football. Being head captain meant I had a vast amount of peers who look up to me. I’m sincerely blessed and thankful for everything I have accomplished so far but this is only the beginning. I feel as if I’m barely scraping the surface of my potential.

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