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This course requires that you develop and submit a sport event proposal. The purpose of the paper is to provide an opportunity to do scholarly investigation and prepare a scholarly paper related to planning a sporting event.

Your final project should address the following:

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Event Planning Assignments | Nursing Homework Help
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International Management Group (IMG) is the oldest and biggest of the agent groups. They represent athletes in virtually every sport. They also produce events, television shows, and find sponsors. IMG has hired you to create a sporting event that will generate revenue and positive exposure for IMG among amateur athletes. IMG has asked you to be creative and thorough as the event manager.

Your task is to prepare a proposal for your sporting event to IMG asking for their approval to sponsor. Please note that IMG will be a sponsor, but not the sole sponsor for this event. You will be responsible for gathering other sponsorships in addition to IMG. You are responsible for developing the logistics of the event, sponsorship package, advertising, budget, and time-line for planning the event. Your proposal must include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  1. Written agreement letter (proposal) to IMG explaining what the event is, the purpose of the event, where the event will be located, how the event will work, and the goals associated with the outcome of hosting the event (from a business perspective). Letter also includes: term, event, site/date, sponsor benefits, obligations of sponsors, insurance statement, and waiver.
  2. Budget Proposal for operating the event (line items)
  3. Sponsor Fact Sheet
  4. Event Communication Plan

This project should be submitted as a Word document. The paper should be approximately 5 to 7 pages. You will be graded on your ability to present a proposal that is thorough, detailed, creative, valid, and easily understood.

The outline for this project is due in Week 4.

Outline: Provide a brief outline of your paper. The outline should include an explanation or plan of how you intend to organize your paper.

At minimum, your outline should include the following:

I.     Introduction – Topic Statement
II.   Major Point 1
a. Supporting Detail
b. Supporting Detail
III.  Major Point 2
a. Supporting Detail
b. Supporting Detail
IV.   Major Point 3
a. Supporting Detail
b. Supporting Detail
V.    Conclusion

Please include a minimum of five (5) sources, formatted according to APA guidelines, that you will use in your paper.

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