Eulogy for Romeo Essay

Good citizens of Verona, we are here to grieve the loss of a precious child of God. Romeo Montague, a young man who was like a son to me has passed away due to a series of misfortunate events. Although Romeo passed far too soon, we can still remember the legacy Romeo has left us, and appreciate the many lessons he has taught us. I first knew Romeo as a little boy, born into a family in a harsh, long-lasting feud with the Capulet household.

Over the years, I served as a mentor to him. He would often come to my cell to confide his problems to me.

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Eulogy for Romeo Essay
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It was through these talks that I befriended him and instilled upon him the fundamentals of life. I taught him to disregard the conflict between his family and the Capulets, and to always acquire new friends, not enemies. Romeo turned out to be a polite, kind, and caring young man. He was also a very solitary young man; he would rather take walks through the sycamore trees than run around with his friends.

One day, Romeo visited me in order to seek my advice. He was lovesick and depressed that Rosaline didn’t return the love he felt for her, and that she decided to become a nun.

Sympathetically, I counseled him and advised him, as his friends Mercutio and Benvolio did, to find another woman in Verona. Romeo was still lovesick, but before long, Romeo was back yet again; this time barring good news. Romeo had found a new love, and this time, the feeling of love was mutual. I remember Romeo saying such words as, “Then plainly know my heart’s dear love is set on the fair daughter of rich Capulet: As mine on hers, so hers is set on mine; And all combined, save what thou must combine” (2. . 57-60).

Romeo had an incredibly deep love for Juliet. He helps me to appreciate the little things in life, and I am very thankful to have been blessed enough to have been so close to him. I was so moved by Romeo’s words, and passion for his love, that I agreed to marry him and Juliet secretly. Romeo was always a persistent young man; sometimes impulsive and irrational but always determined and caring. I was heart broken when I heard the news of Romeo’s banishment and Mercutio’s death.

Not long after Romeo’s departure to Mantua, Juliet came to me, begging me to create a solution to stop her impending marriage to Paris. I, being so close to Romeo, came up with a plan to have the two lovers spend their lives together. It seemed fate had already made up its mind, because every attempt I made to help, ultimately lead to the demise of the two lovers. While Romeo’s death is horrible and unfair, there are some positive things we can take out of it. The feud between the Montagues and the Capulets is over now, which will ensure peace throughout the magnificent city of Verona.

In his life, Romeo showed how powerful the feeling of love is; we can all learn something from his braveness, perseverance, and his positive attitude even when nothing seemed to be going his way. Romeo wouldn’t want all of you to grieve his death; we should all try to remember Romeo as he was, and acknowledge that he is in a better place now with his true love. My heart goes out to the family of the Montagues at this woeful time; all who knew him will miss Romeo. May you rest in peace, Romeo.

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