ethics & philosophy of communication (UTS) Essay

In the era of social media nowadays, studying and applying ethics in communication are more complicated and challenging. And the experts said that it’s even more complicated due to the rapid development of communication technology. Please give your explanation and example. (25 pts)

We as driven to the fast response, real time feeds, direct information which is sometimes didn’t have the time to be filtered and could be misleading and could create an un-ethical view of what is posted. as the advancement of technology keeps growing, we will also with no option must follow its development.

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ethics & philosophy of communication (UTS) Essay
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Now as the internet and social media is a vast place as a one place to go to get all things the view of what is posted out there could clash of what the audience that sees the post that may have a belief on it or different belief on it. An unfiltered post may create hoax even and or it could simply a post that is seen only from one perspective of a story so audience would not have known the actual thing.

Studying ethics and applying it in real life especially in the era of social media may have much more obstacle than we may think we could face before us. It is easy to just post something out there but the feedback, the responses that we or they may have could impact in many ways. For example, when president Trump say “you are fake news” it gives the journalist and the audience in awe and effected by it, as for journalist they are affected that they may lose their viewer and for audience they may simply lost trust of the media.

Philosophy of Communication examines questions related to the nature and function of human communication. The philosophy of thinking that see communication always exist in relationship produce traditions of knowledge (which come from analysis). And from traditions of knowledge the scholars produce theories. Please give one example of theory which come from one tradition of knowledge and explain the assumption of the theory which display the relation between the philosophy, tradition of knowledge and theory. (25 pts)

Epistemology is the philosophical study of the nature, origin, and the limitation of human knowledge. Is the know the greater truth, the find out the truest means of the truth.

I personally believe that much of what other philosophical belief they are out there is also based on this, epistemology. To find the why, why that one may think as is, why is a certain as is, why is one theory that as such. To really know what is behind all things, and in that I do personally believe that to really know the truth, to know what’s behind all things that may make is as such is simply by the belief of epistemology concern on the nature of knowledge and their method of knowing and understanding things better is simply by asking; how? Why? What makes it as is?

Give one example of Christian ethics which become morality among Christians; And explain the roots of this ethic from Holy Scripture, and how it is applied in the modern world (20 pts).

In Christian ethics we are thought to live. And how we should act and talk and treat other. There is a saying treat others as one wants to be treated. Do good things, be good, to be a representation of our God, to have good attitude, act decently, personal character that define us whether we are good in the eyes of other or bad.

We are thought to be the representation of God’s image, we are thought to do accordingly, as to His work and His words. Yes going to church regularly may seem to be a good image especially seen from other but to do His work, for us to actively do it, like doing charity work, adopting a dog in need, helping other, in in hand and contributing ourselves to save the animals, to save the ocean, to save the rainforest that is what really counts.

It is hard to just take the word for it, however it is simple to do the things that actually matter, in this modern world we are blessed with such help of advance technology, even human development and scientific development for us to contribute, for us to do the work. One example I would like to give is 4ocean a community that actively trying to save the ocean by diving down the deep ocean and clean the ocean by putting helpless animal in captivity that are injured maybe for fish nets of injuries of illegal fishing and simply by taking out the trash in the ocean.

There are some requirements so that knowledge can be called science. Please explain what is the requirement and give examples of each requirements related with Communication (30 pts).

 For knowledge be called as scientific there are methods that must be followed based on gathering observation, an evidential (evident) and experimentation or simply, can be tested.

Firstly, to have a scientific goal we must first observe, have evident, do test run, and conclude to an experiment for it to achieve its scientific goal.

For example, for psychiatrist or psychologist to better understand their patient they must first observe their behavior their way of thinking then they must have evident, for instant, their thinking pattern, behavioral pattern and how they do things, and try test, let’s say treatments. Either its with some activity and or medication, and after the test they will have their result and can come to a conclusion how to help their patient best.

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