Discussion 1
Applying the Rights/Responsibility Lens
Read an opinion piece in your local newspaper, or a well-known newspaper you regularly read (like the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post). Find an example of the rights/responsibility lens being applied. How did the author appeal to the right of contract and negative rights? What distinctions were made between rights and equality of opportunity for everyone? How did the writer explore the motives of those making the decisions and taking action?
Be sure to provide citations and references for all your work, including the newspaper in which you found the article. Also include citations from your text and other sources when analyzing the rights/responsibility lens, the right of contract, and negative rights
Discussion 2.
Applying the Results Based Lens
Using the results-based lens can lead to inappropriate results at times. Please answer the following questions, assuring you use proper citations and references.
*Find at least one public example of someone who has applied the results-based lens (one that has been published in a widely read source) within the last year. Specific examples can include when someone has exercised the abuse of power and/or hubris when seeking his or her desired outcome.
*How do you know that the results lens was applied inappropriately?
*How might you help to assure the results-based lens is not applied inappropriately in your personal and/or professional life?
*What strategies can you use to recognize and deal with the imbalance that can arise when applying this lens? Consider abuse of power and hubris when answering this question.

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