Ethical Theory on Cyberslacking Affect on It Industry Essay

Cyberslacking a term used to describe employees who surf the net for their personal use such as writing e-mail or indulging in other internet-related activities at work that are not related to their jobs. These activities are performed during periods of time when they are being paid by their employer. The individual who perform such work is known as Cyberslacker while the whole act is called Cyberslacking. In contrast Robert Nozick (1974) state that “Rights-based ethical theory assumes that individuals have certain entitlements that should be respected such as freedom of speech, the right of privacy, and due process”.

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Ethical Theory on Cyberslacking Affect on It Industry Essay
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It describes about developing a moral system that identifies the right of others and behaves accordingly to that rights. As high speed internet is basic requirements for the IT industry for their development, some employee may be misusing the facility for their personal purpose stating that they are doing multitasking. Workers in company spending time on internet for the personal use sending emails, surfing internet, shopping online are the common issue faced by today’s IT industry .

As e-mail and high-speed Internet access have become standard-issue office equipment, uncontrolled abuse of computers in the workplace is affecting the productivity. For company, Cyberslacking is becoming a distributive and a complex problem in the IT industry. Different type of employee can prosecute in Cyberslacking, it is usually shows that employees in lower positions in the organisation with access of internet and their higher status colleagues, such as manager, are the main offenders. I strongly believe that most of the company get strongly affected by Cyberslacking.

The time employees misuse the resources, but for which they are paid, as well as the company paying the internet charges and electricity bills and equipment are properly considered objects of theft. Something of economic value of company has obviously been stolen know as indirect theft so sorting out all these issue within company is very complicated. Cyberslacking effect the IT Company your work its productivity ,Higher wages ,economy ,increase network traffic ,staff member ,efficiency and security . Some company use different kind of softwares to monitor their workers.

These programs can record every keystroke an employee types, even capturing words that the individual later erases. The same software tracks which Web sites a worker visits, and issues an alert when an employee begins surfing an X-rated website. Installation of proxy servers to prevent programs from accessing resources like Chat, Instant Messenger, or some online shopping and gambling services. Now monitoring the workers raise the question invasion of privacy of workers. As it is seems to be perfectly legal to monitor the workers while working in IT Company.

While morally a workers think it is right to surf the internet as the working hours constantly invade their homes as they put the hours of effort for their office works. So it is the perfect situation where right based ethical issue describe two types of contract one is legal contracts where other is moral contracts . Both contracts are based on rights of individual or groups and both compel about the respecting the rights. As worker think doing no harm to company by using the office resources for their personal use.

As social contract include the rights for workers or individual such freedom of speech, the right of privacy, the right for vote, the right of access to basic education and the right of access of health care . Also IT Company got its own rules and regulation which is need to followed by workers with in company. So there is a maximum chance of conflict between rights of worker within company and as an individual. Respecting the others right and using individual right effectively might help to minimise this problem.

There are only individual people, different individual people, with their own individual lives. Using one of these people for the benefit of others uses him and benefits the others. What happens is that something is done to him for the sake of the others. Talk of an overall social good covers this To use a person in this way does not sufficiently respect the fact and take account of the fact that he is a separate person, that his is the only life he has. So as an individual if some one follow the rights of individual there is always a maximum chance of more Cyberslacking .

As he give more priority to his own rights and giving minimum priority to IT Company Rights. There are some positive and negative rights on these issues, negative rights which need to be protected from interference e. g. right to vote, right to privacy. And negative right should be respected by the action of individual who abuse these rights. So in IT Company there should be some guidelines for addressing such issue so that workers will focus on company productivity rather than wasting their time in cyber world .

Positive rights require positive action it is also known as welfare right such as right to basic education. Providing basic education and basic health care rights for workers with in company maximise the bonding between IT Company and its workers. As workers feel that their company addressing the basic health and education rights for them so they emotionally attached with the company. As we know ACS codes of ethics state that one should be places the interest of public above your personal choice.

So as employee of IT Company own should place the interest of company above his personal interest. So giving the priorities to the company work rather Surfing internet using social networks while in work . ACS also address the issue of honesty, competence, professional development and professionalism . So if an employee are honest they should be give the priority for the works when they are working for company. Be honest with your company and yourself. Follow the rules and regulation of your company .

More you work for company more professional and experience are the workers and increase their professional development . Competing and developing the professionalism in the company will help to minimise the Cyberslacking Legal rights such as company rights designed by the lawmakers of the company which should be followed by the employee and employers of the company should address the issue such as penalizing the employee if they caught using office resources for their personal use. While rewarding employee who gives the information about others using an internet for personal purpose.

Beneficial rights, welfare rights for the employee so that they focus on the company productivity . While moral rights for individual who respects the others right which is decided by the workers culture and the relationship between company and other workers. Morally supporting your company for the better productivity. A set of moral rules to govern the workers in the company is useful for addressing such issues. And a company capable of forcing these rights and rules would be beneficial for both company and employee.

So it helps in developing common goods within company which eventually help to reduce a Cyberslacking in the IT Company. So in conclusion Cyberslacking affect the IT Company by minimising its productivity as company workers focus on their personal issues using office resources and giving minimum effort for the company goals. Company using different kind of software to monitor minimize it. Right based theory uses two concept legal rights and moral rights . Balancing the legal rights and moral rights in the company rules and regulation will help to minimise the Cyberlacking .

Addressing ACS code of ethics to develop a legal right of the company is useful for this issue. However there is always out chance that moral responsibilities that exist out side the legal responsibilities. Using positive rights to implement the legal rights and minimising the negative rights to implement moral rights with the help of ACS code of ethics certainly help to reduce the Cyberslacking. At the end With the help ACS code of ethics and Right based ethical cyberslacking is not permitted In IT Company.

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