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This is one and half page (or more) *single space* essay. I will post an audio below MP3 ( please listen carefully) the audio has all the details you need. Also, I uploaded an image you will need and you should study in order to write this essay.

please read the instructions below:

The object of the essay is to encourage you to develop critical thinking skills and focus on some of the broader questions regarding the art and culture of ancient Egypt. These are expected to be carefully prepared and thoughtfully worded.


You do not need to do any additional research.  In fact, it will likely make your grade lower if you do. I am asking for your thoughts and ideas —not someone else’s. The essay audio introduction and the text should be all you need. I am not asking what scholars have to say about this subject. I want you to look closely at the images and then think about and address the questions I ask. You can use any format and you do not need to cite any sources formally (i.e., the text or audio).

Read over the portion of the syllabus that describes the essays. Though these are not formal research papers– you are expected to carefully proofread and avoid slang or colloquial language.  Please keep to the required length. Study the images. Please do not space between paragraphs, use larger font and/or wider margins to make it seem longer.

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