essay 3 draft Essay

Ludvik Soleimani

Gabriel Gomez

ENGL 120

11 November 2019

The Token Superhero

Racism in the community is stated in several paths. At times it’s very obvious, while sometimes it is inconspicuous. The character in Token Superhero, Alonzo deals with racism even though he‘s part of a superhero squad. David Walker, the Author, attempts to give the reader a logic of the problems, Alonzo as an encounter in this brief story. In Token Superhero, the character not only ?ghts for lawbreaking but even deals with passive racism of his own and not being allowed by society.

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essay 3 draft Essay
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Firstly, racism can be discovered in different paths that make it seem like black people are not important in the community. For example, David Walker describes, “ Alonzo’s career in Teen Justice Force was perfectly ?ne, although he was the only member without his solo comic book or an endorsement deal.” (17) this means when Alonzo ?rst starts to become a sight of racism. His father had been alerting him about how deceptive white people were, and he felt it ?rst hand.

This was no chance he was left out, he was actually being pointed for being black. Furthermore, Walker says, “ They’d kill Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, and so many others, and none of them even had any superpowers.” (16) His father wants Alonzo to understand that being unique does not change in what way white people will pleasure him. They live in a world with a lot of abhorrence and Kelvin wants his son to understand that he needs to be thoughtful around everyone no matter how superior you are. Moreover, Walker says the reader, “ No, he was stuck with the name Black Fist, because when push came to shove, no one wanted to think that hard when it came time to give the token black guy on Teen Justice Force his name.” ” (17) It’s senseless how the identical people who slog with him do not pleasure him justly, they are all ?ghting for the exact reason. They don’t care for Alonzo receiving credit because he is black, it won’t get that much responsiveness to the white community.

Following, racism can be very unseen to not give the incorrect idea. In actual fact, Walker displays, “ Twice he’d been attacked by other superheroes who’d mistaken him for a supervillain. . .” All of this occurs since he was never truly put out there in the community for his pains. Its a dishonor that a superhero is attacked for his skin color and virtually killed by police. For example, David E. Walker discusses, “ But every article about the force’s exploits always seemed to downplay his involvement…” Alonzo recognized what was the pact that every time he was not specified, they were racist but they didn’t say it. All this unseen racism directed to the conclusion of Black Fist for the first time. Everyone from the article to the leaders of the Youth Justice Influence is at fault. They can speak up and say that this man Alonzo earns the honor for all the jobs that he has done so far. In realism, they were racists privileged but possibly would not show it to not start difficulties. This kind of racism is very stimulating since this is your job and the people you see every single day. This occurs in actual life and you have to tolerate it just like Alonzo did, you have inner combat with everyone near you.

In Conclusion, Token Superhero is a short story of in what way Alonzo looks unseen racism and the fight of being treated justly by the community. Being a superhero did not change any of the issues he assumed he’d face. He was still preserved unfairly, punished, took choices nobody else had to and so on. This is what various people face in reality because other painful people feel superior since race is such a significant issue in today’s community.

Works cited

David Walker, Octavia’s Brood, science fiction stories from justice movements, The Token Superhero.

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