Environmental Distractions to Study Habits Essay

Every student is required to study the lessons given by the teacher. By means of proper time management, a student becomes successful in his entire intellectual endeavor. But what if there are environmental distractions in his study habits? What will happen to his learning activities? Environmental distractions in study habits make a student at a disadvantaged position if it cannot be fully determined and avoided. Therefore, environmental distractions are a hindrance to the intellectual development of a student.

Environmental Distractions

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Environmental Distractions to Study Habits Essay
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In order to avoid environmental distractions, it is required that a student must identify the things that gives problems to his studies.

After all, how could he be successful in avoiding environmental distractions if he may not be able to identify them? Hence, correct identification of environmental distractions that might hinder the student from studying should be done.

The environmental distractions to study habits may include emotional, physical and external distractions. Learning Support Center Paradise Valley Community mentioned that physical environment of the study area of a student relates to external distractions (“Improving Your Memory”).

In other words, if the environment is noisy and unorganized, study habits of a student may be hampered. Since we are aware that studying includes memorization, a student cannot effectively study when there television is opened or used within his environment, when there are any people chatting around him and when sound effects around him is very disturbing.

Therefore, the best way for a student to avoid external distractions is to find a place conducive for learning like a noise-free room. Learning Support Center Paradise Valley Community also mentioned that the study area of a student must have quite surroundings or those places that really intended for studying (“Improving Your Memory”).

Moreover, Glendale Community College stated that a good study environment must be free from distractions that might hinder memorizing and understanding reading materials (“Study Skills”). There should also be rules to follow like having a desk intended totally for studying; not using television, radio and telephone while studying; closing the door of the study room so that people passing by it cannot distract a students attention; the study area should not be cluttered and unorganized and that the study environment should be clean and spacious (“Study Skills”).

If all these can be followed, there is no doubt that a student can study properly. Lastly, a student must not dwell long to problems of the family and friends and even personal situations that can surely affect study habits. The environment should be free from emotional distractions so that the mind of a student will remain fresh and able to absorb new ideas being studied daily.


 A student needs a study area that is free from environmental distractions. This paper mentioned that environmental distractions involved emotional and physical distractions as well as external ones. Emotional distractions include family problems while physical and external distractions include television, radio, noisy environment and unorganized study area. Finally, the best way to attain an environment that is free from distraction is to identify the things that can distract a student and avoid them all.


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