Entering university became a vital goal since I was young Essay

Entering university became a vital goal since I was young adolescence back in Greece. The main reason was the personal development I have noticed to friends and family members by gaining new academic knowledge and improving many personal skills, such as time management, because of university tasks, such as presentations, during their university studies. Thus, self-development motivated me the most during my foundation year to work hard and finally acquire a first-class foundation diploma allowing me to become a student at the Newcastle University Business School.

Having a place in this Business School made me very happy and excited for achieving my original goal and being able to study in one mature both marketing and management, once during my foundation year I enjoyed learning managerial and marketing theories and strategies. $

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Entering university became a vital goal since I was young Essay
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Moving from Greece to Newcastle as I have mentioned in [RO1], I was a bit skeptical regarding my new daily routine as a student. Even-thought I already knew how to do the household chores, such as cooking and cleaning I was worried whether I would be able to combine the household chores with my personal and academic activities.

For instance, I wanted to make sure that I would manage to complete in time my academic assignments, go to the gym and do my laundry. Developing, from my first week in Newcastle, weekly plans to organize all of my responsibilities and tasks has helped me to achieve efficient time management, has improved my organizing ability and has partly risen my spare time for relaxing and socializing with other peers. $

In [RO2] it seems that interacting and

Another personal challenge especially at the beginning of the first semester has been speaking and delivering presentations to an audience. In [RO3] I have referred that the idea of presenting a part of my team’s photo challenge work to the rest of my seminar members increased my stress level making me less confident just before my speaking. However, I am a person who always tries to do her best regardless of how difficult circumstances may turn. Recalling and putting into action some of the presentation tips I have learned during a seminar regarding successful presentations, such as remain calm and look confident despite nervousness, I have managed to deliver in time nice a presentation and boost my confidence while speaking. By the end of this experience I have also understood in real life conditions Nietzsche’s statement; whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Consequently, aiming to improve even more my presentation and communication skills by learning more about presentations elements, like body language, voice tone, and gestures and at the same time familiarize myself more with speeches I have already started to attend university’s presentation workshops and entrepreneur society’s speeches as shown in [RO4]. At the same time, it is in my persona as to pass from theory to action, so I will definitely participate in more university’s and entrepreneur society’s projects with presentations. Wordy sentence 1

Moreover, my online stimulating experience of operating a jeans company in real market circumstances has been unique and extremely beneficial to me. The main reasons have been that during this eight-week experience I have been able to collaborate with four different people that I have never met before, develop marketing strategies and be active in the decision-making process of operating our company. Thus, this interaction has significantly improved my team working spirit and I have understood better my role within the team. Specifically, I am able to put ideas into practice and because of my problem-solving ability, I have managed to boost my critical thinking and contribute essentially to the company’s strategic actions. For instance, my team once struggled to develop a strategy to raise the sales volume, so based on market analysis and considering market data that we were provided with I suggested the guideline we eventually followed. The pleasure and happiness I felt has motivated me to continue putting my best effort in every given task, has increased my passion for both marketing and management and offered me a strong feeling of believing even more in my capabilities and potentials. In this case, the motivation is intrinsic according to Ryan, R.M. and Deci, E.L. (2000). Wordy sentence1, passive voice, misplaced words/ phrases 1

In addition, participating in the Barbour Marketing Insights Masterclass (RO6) has been a great educational opportunity to learn some marketing strategies of such a popular and big company applied in real market conditions. For example, Barbour uses plenty of social media such as Facebook and Instagram in order to have an active online market presence and simultaneously its social media accounts are in the language of the country targeting to sell its products in. By the end of this masterclass I have been really impressed by the new to me marketing techniques and as I have discussed in [RO7] this experience in combination with the one of the jeans company has boosted my desire to challenge myself by starting gaining experience as a marketer. Therefore, my plan after finishing this academic year is to voluntarily work in the marketing department of an organization such as a non-profit institution. Afterwards, I intend to apply for a summer internship in a European country again in the marketing sector of a small or medium company (RO8). In this way, I will have acquired new knowledge in terms of understanding better marketing elements, like consumer behavior and needs, that will definitely help me to become a capable young marketer. 5 wordy

To sum up, being a university student has appealed to be a very beneficial experience for me. During my learning journey, I have managed to gain new knowledge, overcome difficulties, such as … and become a stronger and more flexible person. At the same time, I have significantly improved plenty of my personal skills, such as presentation and leadership skills, which has contributed to my further personal development and has given me the willingness to become a well-rounded young professional. Watching my problem-solving abilities in real life conditions has boosted my confidence thus my faith in my potentials. Finally, self-actualization has been one of my greatest motives to set new future goals both for personal and career purposes. 1 wordy

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