English Language for Undergraduate

Who is this module for?

This module is for non-native speakers of English studying at undergraduate level (Level 4) and whose level of English is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or above.  The module is for students studying towards the Certificate in Higher Education in Business, Management & Law and Art, Design & Media.

 What are the module aims?

The module aims to improve and develop your overall English language level to IELTS 6.5 or equivalent (CEFR C1) so that you can enter university at level 5.  The course will cover grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and speaking.  The module carries 30 CAT points.



What do you study in this module?

The module focuses on developing the following:

  1. Your grammar and vocabulary for general and academic English.
  2. Your writing skills including planning, organisation, accuracy, layout, referencing
  3. Your speaking skills (fluency, accuracy and pronunciation) to help you to participate in discussions and group presentations.
  4. Your reading skills of longer, extended texts for general and detailed understanding.
  5. Your listening skills of longer, spoken texts for general and detailed understanding.

What will I do in the sessions?

Each session focuses on the development of the either reading, listening, speaking or writing and grammar and vocabulary.  Sessions are based around topics related to academic study and the course subject of Business, Management & Law and Art, Design & Media.  The sessions are communicative and you are expected to participate in a range of different activities including individual, pair and group work in order to allow your skills to develop.  The sessions will also prepare you for the three assessments.



What materials will we use in sessions?

The core textbooks are:

  • Thaine, C. (2012) Cambridge Academic English Int, Cambridge: CUP
  • Paterson, K. & Wedge, R. (2013) Oxford Grammar for EAP, Oxford: OUP
  • Espinosa, T., Walsh, C. & McNair, A. (2012) Language for Study Level 2, Cambridge: CUP

We will also use a variety of sources at upper intermediate (CEFR B2) to advanced (CEFR C1) level.


What should I be able to do by the end of the course?

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Communicate with better grammatical accuracy and with a wider range of vocabulary for both general and academic English.
  2. Plan, organise and produce well-structured academic texts.
  3. Speak with more confidence with a good level of fluency and accuracy in general and academic contexts.
  4. Understand a range of semi-authentic spoken texts from general and academic contexts.
  5. Understand a range of semi-authentic reading texts from general and academic contexts.
  6. Show that your level of English has improved and is suitable for entry into level 5 (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent)


When are the sessions?

The module runs for three semesters.  There are two sessions per week (2 x 2 hours).  All of the sessions are in the Teaching Centre at the Park Campus.


You are expected to attend all of the sessions. If you miss a session because of illness you should look at the course Moodle to see what was covered.

 What support is available outside the module sessions?

The university uses Moodle as a virtual learning environment (VLE).  The Moodle page for JV4001 has information about each session and will have any materials put on it after the each session.  The Moodle page is a useful resource for the module, but the information should not be used as an alternative to attending the sessions.  The best way to improve your language is through the practice which takes place in the sessions.  There are English language support materials available in the University of Gloucestershire library area at the Park Campus…………………….


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