English in Drama: “The Iceman Cometh,” by Eugene O’Neill

Okay, we’re setting up for the final play here, one of the greatest works ever created for the stage according to many critics: “The Iceman Cometh,” by Eugene O’Neill. Kevin Spacey recently won a Tony Award for Best Actor in this play, in the role of Hickey.

It’s an expansive play about expansive things. (Gee, is that vague enough?) I could also tell you lots of “stuff” happens that means “tons” to lots of “people.” (I hope there weren’t too many spoilers there.)

It’s going to take some time to view the play, as it runs over three hours in length, so set yourself up with enough time.

This week, you should complete the following:
2.Actively watch the film.
3.Take part in the Discussion Boards.

After you view “The Iceman Cometh” this week, please provide Discussion Questions, by Wednesday, February 26th, midnight. Based on these questions, I will offer a selection that the class will get the opportunity to respond to.

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