England Essay

Until lately England was normally considered as a calm, enchanted land freeze outlined for a while in the 1930s, residence of the post office, country inn and church house. It’s now known for lively cities with great nightlife and lure, contrasted with pleasant and green countryside. From Tower Bridge and Stonehenge to Oxford and Eton, England is full of treasured images of past age. But it also has modernity with a self-assurance and flamboyance left from its days in the never setting sun.

Fine dining, shopping, Style, clubbing – England’s is among the best in the world.

Geography: England is only than 18miles (29 kilometers) from the border of France across the narrowest part of the English canal. Much of England is plane. In the north there are the Pennines Hills, towards the west lies the Lake District and the Cumbrian Mountains and towards the South of the Pennines hills is the immensely populated Midland and in the southwest region which is called West Country has linkage with a rugged coastline, stone outcrops and high-quality dairy farming.

The remaining part of the country is known as the English Lowlands, a combination of farmland, hills, an industrial sector and the enormous city of London.

Around 8% of the entire country is covered by National Parks which include Exmoor, the peak districk, the North York Moores, the Broads, Northumberland, Dartmoor, and the Lake District. The National Parks in England are not in wilderness but they have villages and roads and offer the perfect cure to the frantic speed of numerous cities in England. When To Go Anybody who spend any extensive amount of time in England will commiserate with the local’ fascination with the weather, even though in virtual terms the weather is gentle and the rainfall is not stunning.

The least friendly months for travelers are between November-February when it is relatively cold and the days are small. March and October are insignificant – there is more sun shine but it can be pretty cold at times. Between April till September are the best months to visit, and this is, naturally, when most tourist attractions are open. July and August are the months when it is very busy and best evaded if it is probable. The tourists on the shore, at parks, in London and famous towns like York, Oxford and Bath are to be seen.

Weather Overview England’s weather is placid and moist, with temperatures restrained by the winds that blow in off its moderately humid seas. Temperatures in the interior part don’t get much beneath freezing point in winter that is between December till February, or above 86* F (30*C) in summer that is between June till August. The northern part of England is the chilliest area; London, West Country and the southeast part are the warmest. There is immense amount of Rainfall in West Country and in the hilly areas. The tourist can anticipate overcast conditions and light rain in England at any period of time.

Apart from the clearer propensity of temperatures in the south to be slightly hotter than the northern part there is also some difference in the weather. The west is frequently warmer, wetter and cloudier in the summer and chilly in the winter than what is found in the east. Type of Government: Constitutional monarchy Leaders: Queen Elizabeth (Head of the state) Gordon Brown (Prime Minister) Food: Although England is not well-known for the excellence of its food, London’s new resurgence in superiority is scattering to the provinces.

In different cities travelers will find an extraordinary assortment of eating choices from all over the world, although those on resources should be cautious of consuming way too much food. Architecture: Travelers are beleaguered by the grand homes of the upper classes, and England’s excellent compilation of cathedrals and castles. Although cheap housing development, motorways and high rise characterize England’s 20th century architectural legacy, current architects like Richard Rodgers and Norman Foster are making spectacular and inventive constructions like the Lloyds of London Building, Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge.

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