eng 101 Narrative Essay Essay

Stephanie Andrade

Mathew Oakes


Date: 1/12/2019

Literacy Narrative Essay

As a child I have repeatedly favor writing over reading. I remember in elementary school all the way up until my sophomore year of high school, I had the very low reading scores and classes.

Reason being wasn’t because I wasn’t understanding the material it was more than I didn’t want to read or do the assignments. But unlike my reading my writing has always been great. I have always had a special thing for writing but never reading.

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eng 101 Narrative Essay Essay
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Communication through writing is so more powerful than people think. I find it extremely interesting and always have had love for writing. When I say writing I don’t just mean essays, I mean anything from writing what I learned in class to making up a cooler version of fairytales. But in my sophomore year of high school my interest in reading took a whole 360. We had a book report assignment on And then there were none by Agatha Christie.

Immediately when I got handed the book the cover caught my eye instantly.

Before I could read the books synopsis, I admired the books cover photo. It was a dark grey spooky feeling mansion on water. Which to me was completely out the usual considering I had low scoring classes with kid books. Since this wasn’t a boring looking book and I had to pass my English class to graduate I said to myself “Give it a chance for once.” I began to read the book, I could not find myself to put it down. I remember taking a pause and thinking “am I really into this book?” Day in and day out my face would be in the book and taking notes about what I read in every chapter. I was stun when I finished the whole book in just three days. When I had mentioned it to my family, they didn’t believe me until I showed all my notes. I couldn’t blame them for not believing me. Hey, I never did read in any other class or even thought about it. After reading through my notes and criteria required for the book report. I was excited because I had almost everything, I needed for my report in just the first week of getting the assignment.

After finishing my book report, it took me 2 weeks from start to finish. We had a month to get everything done but I got ahead by a bit. When turning in my paper and hearing my teacher say, “wow you must really like to read.” I then thought to myself “hmm I guess I do.” I then realized that Ii do enjoy reading. But not only because it gives me something to do but also because I can write about it afterwards. This process helped me realized that I do like to read and that its just as fun as writing.

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