Empowerment Through Education Essay

I feel empowerment through education can be one of the most amazing feelings. When reading a great book, it teaches me many things about myself and the classes I take in college. Learning something that I can apply to my everyday life is a useful tool. It teaches me things that can change my life forever or at least help me get through my day. Education not only benefits my life but my family, friends and people i see on a daily bases.

The times when I feel most empowered through education are when i have achieved something that i never thought i could. After reading my first book, all i wanted to do was read the next book in the series. Right away I picked up another book and started reading it. I was so relieved at how easy it was once I started getting into what I was reading. It taught me something that i never knew about myself, that i actually like to read.

From that point on, reading became an enjoyable activity. One of the first books i read was able to teach me something I could use in my everyday life. It was a car manual, which isn’t easy to understand at first. It has complex diagrams of what parts you are trying to fix and learn about.

After carefully reading the manual I was able to fix my car myself. Before that replacing my window regulators, changing my oil, and installing sub woofers were things i never thought i could do. Because I was able to install and fix a few simple things in my car I avoided having to go to someone i didn’t trust. If i had someone else doing it for me, how am i sure they are doing honest work? Reflecting on it I now, I realize that reading can save me money, time and peace of mind. During my first semester in college i was forced to read many books I didn’t enjoy. After reading and applying the text to my classes I was amazed and shocked at how enjoyable it can be. It helped make the work i did more meaningful and less of a burden. It helped me understand that sometimes in life you have to read some crap just to say you did it.

For the first time in my life i was able to over come my doubts about my reading and writing skills. I always felt like my education and book smarts were on an undergraduate level, but I was able to read and write at a college level and pass all my classes. This empowerment through education was something i never thought i would achieve. It is all thanks to the people that believed in me and pushed me to go back to school. Empowerment through education is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It is like the first time you are able to ride your bike by yourself.

It is the inspiration that pushes you to wake up and start your day. After over coming many odds and doubts i was able to achieve what i came for, higher education/riding that bike over that high hill. Bettering my education was something i never thought i would do but here i am. The feeling of empowerment is what will drive me to excel this upcoming semester. Not only because applying myself will be easier but i now know i can do anything i put my mind to. I no longer feel unequipped to tackle the challenges that college and life present.

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