EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE BOTS: A BETTER FUTURE FOR HUMAN RACEASSIGNMENT CODE: DEPARTMENT OF MECHATRONICSX.HENDRY THOMAS ROLL NO:ABSTRACT: Humans are very apt at reading emotional signals in humans and same goes for artificial bots, which raises a question of whether artificial bots are to be emotionally intelligent to ensure effective social interactions. Emotions have an important role in intelligent behavior and influence the human decision-making process.Emotional Intelligence or EI have the ability to monitor your own emotions as well as the emotions of other people around you and be able to distinguish between various emotions and label them correctly.

Emotional intelligence also involves using emotional information to guide thinking and even influence or control the decision of others.centercenterINTRODUCTION:With the advances in technology, robots and artificial bots are becoming moreProminent in our lives. Neurophysiologically, emotional reactions are associate with certain brain structures (such as nucleus accumbens, anterior cingulate and orbitofrontal cortices, the amygdala, hypothalamus, ventral tegmental area, etc.) and certain neurotransmitters.

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Neurophysiological constraints like these cannot be ignored in construction of models of emotional intelligence, yet they alone are not sufficient.Psychological and computational models of emotions attempt to reduce a large variety of affects, appraisals, emotions, feelings, moods, traits, attitudes, preferences, etc.1 to a few universal constructs.Artificial intelligence and human computer interaction have started in taking emotions quite seriously only in the late 1990s. Picard gave a framework for building machines with emotional intelligence. Subsequently, many other researchers in this area have built machines that can reason about emotions, and also detect, handle, understand and express emotions. -171450314325000Efforts in building emotionally intelligent entities continued to be concentrated on the following areas:Empowering the machine to detect emotions.Enabling the machine to express emotions.Embodying the machine in a virtual or physical way.Enhancing student’s performance in e-learning.Improving driving experience. Increasing customer satisfaction..The purpose of the present study is to develop a simple computational framework capturing the functionality of emotions in general, including complex and social emotions.centertop00 Domains of Emotional IntelligenceThis framework is expected to result in development of new capabilities in artifacts, including automated recognition of higher-level emotionalmotivations in agent behavior, emotionally informed metacognition, and more.Why Is Emotional Intelligence Key to the Future?If you already have a high IQ, why do you need to get high EQ? Emotions influence thinking, decision-making, relationships and mental health, and success both within and outside of work environments. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to accurately assess one’s own and others’ emotional state and to use that information to adapt, manage, and guide subsequent thinking and actions.centerbottom00 Enhancing EI skills provides individuals with the capacity to enhance personal growth, performance, problem solving, and relationships. EI screening,training, and assessment have become a burgeoning business as everyone from companies, to the military, to educational institutions are hoping to increase productivity with workers who are more exible, adaptable, and skilled at working in teams. Now, with growing pressure for efficiency and achievement among workers in a competitive and increasingly technologically advanced global environment, not only is more emphasis being placed on the EI skills of the human worker, but also on that of the machines in which the workers interact.MODELING ARTIFICIAL BOTS: Machine learning and AI have the ability to improve our lives and outcomes, all at a lower cost. Welcome the change in your industry and work to make it beneficial for everyone.There are several interesting features of an artificial mind. Artificial minds understand emotions because people communicate with each other via expressing and estimating emotions. It has been emphasized that emotion is the predominant operation, mediating both cognition and action and AI should have the ability of processing emotion. Therefore, a machine should be able to process information about a user’s emotions so that it can understand the user’s goals as well as other information. To achieve this, it is crucial to build computational models of emotion. Artificial minds understand motivation. People interpret the meaning of matters according to their desires and concerns. People consider others’ motivation when they estimate their emotion and intention, explain their action, predict theirfuture action. Therefore, it is necessary for user interface agents to understand user’s motivation. Conversely, it will be easy for users to predict agent’s behavior which is based on its motivation. Presently, AI is increasingly dependent on cloud computing.The goals should be to model the range of hunger human emotions, as well as their dynamics. There are different frameworks, libraries, applications, toolkits, and datasets in the AI and machine learning would. By creating a direct neural interface with the internet, humankind will be able to plug into higher intelligence. The five components of AI with emotional intelligence are as follows; deep learning, self-awareness, safety and ethics, external awareness and big data collection and processing moderns (Fig. 3). Emotions are essential part of human intelligence and without emotional intelligence, AI is incomplete. 181610037242750 Figure 3: AI with EI ModelsEmotional intelligence can do wonders for your business. Take a look at top business owners around the world such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and more. They all have one thing in common ” Emotional Intelligence. These corporations, despite their multi-billion dollar investments in AI, continue to train their employees on improving their emotional intelligence. In the future, leaders in the workplace won’t be the only one expected to have emotional intelligence. It will become very essential to stay relevant in the world environment. Thus, now is the best time to follow others that are asking what is emotional intelligence? and learn this skill and how it can help you to grow and be ready for the future.Emerging Research Issues:The emotions of every person are private and therefore, concerns about violations of privacy are genuine. The risks associated with AI, specifically the collection, storage, transfer and use of confidential information haveto be address the issue of privacy.Artificial Intelligence accuracy incorrectly determining emotional contents needs to be confirmed, specifically inregards to system biases or errors, before labeling a person as high or low emotional.Artificial Intelligence programs should appropriately respond to human users, so as to not worsen their emotional state or accidentally facilitate advance situation.Response protocols are needed on how properly handle high risk cases that are flagged by Artificial Intelligence technology.Conclusion and Future Work:The perception of emotional intelligence in robots vs. humans. Our study consisted of viewing scenarios in which a robot or human acted out a scene with or without empathy, EI bots and trustworthiness. The effect of different facets of communication, such as tone of voice and posture. The difference between the high and low EI conditions, and that agents with high EI were rated as more trustworthy than agents with low EI and also found that natural language is the most inuential factor in determining an agent’s EI, and therefore conclude that in order to design more trustworthy artificial bots, thus must focus on designing them with empathetic natural language capabilities. In addition to empathy, the perception of additional EI competencies, such as self-regulation and self-awareness. Although we observed no gender effects in the results of this study, it would also be interesting to investigate whether the gender of the agents in the scenario have an effect on their perceived level of emotional intelligence. By gaining a better understanding of perception in emotional intelligence context, in the future we can design more empathetic robots which will be viewed as more trustworthy..

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