Effects of Losing a Job Essay

Having a job is one of the reasons for a person to be stabilized, especially when you are having or planning for a family. When one has a job, you make money that can sustain your needs or wants and provide everything the person and whole family’s desire. But what if all of a sudden, lose the job? What would be the effects of losing one’s job to you and to the family? The effects of losing a job can affect the whole family a lot.

The most immediate and devastating impacts of job loss are loss of normal income, grief and deep anxiety, inability to pay rent, and academic trouble for the children.

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Effects of Losing a Job Essay
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The most immediate and devastating impact of job loss on the family is normally income. Although television shows that profile people with significant savings to draw from when they become unemployed, most families have no emergency savings to use if they become jobless. This means that not only are luxuries out of the question for the family, but often even simple things like food become luxuries that the family simply cannot pay for it.

As a result, many families turn to food storerooms or state assistance programs just so that they can eat. It is this struggle for the simple essentials in life that leads to added worries.

Losing job can experience a sense of grief and deep anxiety. This is because in some cases they feel betrayed, cast aside and lost a piece of being, especially if they have been employed in the same position for a long period of time. Grief and anxiety can cause a person to change emotionally, which in turn can cause the family members of the individual to also become consumed with nervousness. The caused by the anxiety can lead to the end of a marriage or changes in the relationships between people in your place. Some families, however, are capable of working through the job loss and becoming stronger as a family. Depending on how those people communicate with one another during the period of unemployment.

Life is about living paycheck to wages, and once the paycheck is no longer active, the person and his family often cannot afford to pay the rent or mortgage. This may mean that the family ends up losing a home to foreclosure. They are expelled by their landlord for incapability on paying their rent. Unfortunately, since the family cannot afford to pay the rent or mortgage, the family most likely cannot afford to move into another residence. Many families end up homeless, while others may have the selection of moving in with relatives or friends, if they are fortunate. Moving also influences the education of children.

When a family is relocated from their home, the children are often required to change schools. The children will commonly begin to falter in their academic endeavors because changing schools, especially in the middle of a school year, has big a negative influence on children. This is because children are forced to give up their close ties to friends. They must enter to unfamiliar learning society where they know no one and the educational environment that they have become comfortable to completely changes.

When a person loss a job, the person will not only lose their self-being, but also every member of the whole family will be influence and be affected. Losing one’s job can impact of the whole family’s normal income, grief and deep anxiety, inability to pay rent, and academic trouble for the children. As a result that may lead to tension on the relationship to the family and in marriage. The person will not feel comfortable to one’s stabilized because of joblessness.

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