In recent years, marketing to customers has become increasingly challenging as the number of available products and services across industries has grown significantly, while at the same time marketing tactics and customer touch points have proliferated.

It is vital for the survival of any organization to have loyal customers as the complexity and the competitiveness in the market place regards to what companies need to do and how they do it, meeting with the needs of the customer. The recent rapid growth of the mobile phone market has made mobile marketing one of the most important advertising tools and contact points available to companies today. Mobile marketing can increase customer loyalty by providing customers it timely and informative information.

The aim of this piece of research aims to explore mobile marketing and how it can contribute to customer loyalty. The study was conducted to identify the main methods of mobile marketing used by companies, to identify how much contact is pushed on customers by companies, determine the perceptions of mobile marketing and overall determine how mobile marketing contributes to customer loyalty and establish how companies can improve the implementation of mobile marketing.

Secondary research gives a brief overview of customer relationship marketing (CRM) which ties in with mobile marketing where theories and technology complement each other. Primary research was conducted in two phases. Phase 1 will consisted of 6 in-depth interviews, 1 with an industry expert, who offer mobile marketing services. Phase 2 was completed with administrating 500 questionnaires as part of a street survey to both users and non-users of mobile phones.

Keywords: Mobile Marketing, Customer Loyalty, Customer relationship management (CRM), Electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM), Turkey, Mobile marketing dependent companies……………………………..

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